Window Cleaning in Dubai,

Finding a Window Cleaning Service in Dubai While we all get our home interiors regularly cleaned regularly n Dubai, it is challenging for us to clean our windows from the outside. For this, we need a professional exterior window cleaning company. That’s why we offer a professional exterior service of window cleaning in Dubai. We’ve partnered up with the best companies of window cleaning in Dubai which are ready to serve you 7 days a week with fully clean work.

Just apply through our site. Eagle Trends window cleaning companies will send you a personalized quote for your home.

Window Cleaning in Dubai

The hot, humid, and dusty conditions in Dubai mean that your windows are often covered in dirt and grime and need to be cleaned frequently. A professional Dubai window cleaning service in Dubai can help you stay on top of the dirt and make sure your windows stay clean all year round. Eagle Trends offers a range of options for homes of different sizes and allows you to customize the frequency of maintenance.

Are You Tired of the Dirt? Window Cleaning

If you live in an apartment building, the management of the building tends to take care of cleaning the exterior windows. However, if you live in a villa, you usually have to do it yourself. Finding the time to clean the windows can be difficult and often dangerous to do yourself; that’s where we come in!

Our professional window cleaning partners will perform the service by first examining your home to see the best window cleaning solution for your home, and window cleaners will perform the service the same day.

Have the right equipment

Professional Dubai window cleaning companies will clean the exterior of the windows using high-pressure brushes and the interior of the windows. Cleaning experts will bring all the materials needed for the job, including 100% purified water and good soaps and rags, to ensure the glass is not damaged and no marks remain after drying the window.

Glass & Window Cleaning Service

Professional window cleaners Dubai are equipped to take care of all aspects of window cleaning, from the suitable materials on the glass to reach the tallest windows or those on higher floors. Eagle Trend’s cleaning experts ensure that their technicians are highly trained and covered in the event of an accident, ensuring the highest standard of work at all times.

The Cost of Sparkling Window Cleaning

Window cleaning in Dubai with Eagle Trends will cost you AED 299 for a 3 bedroom house to AED 499 for a 5 bedroom house. Cleaning the windows in your home has never been easier or more convenient.

Window Cleaning By Steps

Like any other part of your home, your windows need some attention now and then to keep them in good condition. Routine cleaning and minor repairs help prevent significant problems and will extend the life of your windows. Eagle trends can help you with window cleaning.

With just a few simple steps, you can help keep your windows looking new. Here are some steps to follow:


Every few months, you will want to walk around your house to test all the windows. Check that the locks and latches are working properly. Make sure you can open and close windows quickly. Check the glass for cracks or condensation between the panes. Examine the caulk to make sure the joints are intact.

Equipment For Window Cleaning

You don’t need fancy equipment or special products to clean your windows. All you need are soft, lint-free rags, a dry towel, a soft bristle brush, a window cleaner, and some mild soap. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or harsh solutions on your windows, or you’ll end up doing more harm than good.

Also, it would be best if you never pressured wash the exterior of windows. It can break the seals and cause windows to leak.

Prepare Your Window Cleaning

Many styles of modern windows allow removable sashes so that you can remove both screens and glass. You may also have the option of purchasing styles of windows with the ability to tilt for easy cleaning. If you remove the screens, find a clean, level surface to put them outside. You can also try placing them in the bath or shower.

Window Cleaning Frames

Mix mild soap with lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to clean the window frames. For stubborn dirt, try using the brush with soft bristles and a higher concentration of soap before resorting to something more robust. Then rinse the frames with a water cleaner and dry them quickly. Be careful not to let the water run over the glass and the puddle at the bottom of the frame.

Clean the Glass

Once the frame is clean, you can proceed to the glass using a generic glass cleaner or a solution of water and vinegar. You can use lint-free rags or try wiping them with newspaper for a clean—sparkle without shine. Do not use any abrasive brush for stubborn dirt, as you can scratch the windows. Instead, soak the area in the cleanser and continue working with a soft brush.

Clean and Lubricate the Rails

The last thing you want to do before reassembling the windows is to remove any debris that has built up inside the rail. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt. If something is stuck in the track, use a soft brush or plastic spatula to loosen it. Once the track is clean, use a silicone lubricant to grease it.

By following these simple steps, you can extend the life of your window. And if you want more expert advice or need window cleaning in Dubai services, contact Eagle Trends.

Why chose us?

For Homes and Offices Window Cleaning

We will provide you with our services for homes and offices. The window cleaners we have on our payroll are comfortable in any environment they are placed in. They can easily switch from cleaning large windows in corporate offices to smaller, more intimate windows in your homes.

However, residential cleaning is our specialty. Our window cleaner Dubai has cleaned all kinds of windows in different residential buildings, including apartments. Professional window cleaners are good enough to make sure the cleaning is done correctly. Your home will look great after we finish the residential cleaning.

The best method Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners have received the proper training to ensure that the cleaning is carried out without blemishes or cracks. Their skillful and subtle hands can remove any stains from the glass without altering the color or luster. Their experience ensures that window cleaning is done to perfection.


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