This is the important step for supporting the rod so it doesn’t drape uncomfortably over the frame surrounding the window glass or dropdown. Over time due to weight or other additional pressure gaining over time and styles of use. Respectively speaking given different conditions and results-technically speaking this Is where the magic happens…Believe it or not you are almost done-this is the easy part from hereon Out Baby!!

Attach curtain panels to the rod and map out how far apart each panel will be. Attach onto the rod and slide through the Curtain Rings attached to them. This can be done by estimating how wide you would like. Your window treatment to span as well as measure. Every point on both sides making sure that every section is even in terms of symmetry. Balance when affecting installations of this sort within closed-off interior environments!!!

Test that everything is securely hung up before opening And closing the curtains. Test everything is securely hung up by gently releasing and pulling through rings on each side respectively. Make sure there is little to no sag placed on your rod or pole. After expansion tilting it either way upon use. Also, keep an eye out for any areas that are starting to unthread or wear away from their attached surfaces. After constant moving around this volume-At Times finding weaknesses due to Overload at higher periodic intervals May loom so watch closely & adjust as needed. If this occurs to maintain optimal performance & quality during usage for ultimate comfort & consistency!!! 🙂

place decorative accessories with countersunk anchors & screws and place any competing objects held within correspondingly-designed shelves cabinets drawers mirrors Etc. With countersunk anchors effectively incorporating checks & balances into these conditions. So they stay firmly in place without fear of spilling anything. Throughout the lifespan of window treatments + maintenance if necessary!!!

It’s remarkable how drapes and window treatments such as blinds, drapes, and curtains can spice up any area at house.  But, installing them isn’t always a easy.  If you’re renovating your house and which features beautifying your windows, then we invite you to speak to us now.  We make certain your drapes setup is done correctly, that may open your room and provide the illusion of more space.  With drapes installment Abu Dhabi you are able to make certain that they’re suspended straight, flat, and secure.

Measure the Width of Your Window  Curtain Fixing   

 The first step to hanging a curtain rod is to measure the width of your window so you can find the perfect size of rod for installation. You want the rod to extend at least 6 inches beyond both ends of the window frame. Once you have properly measured the width, purchase a curtain fixing that will fit nicely over your window.

Prepare Everything You Need For Installation.     Before beginning, make sure you have all of the necessary items needed for installation. A tape measure, drill/screwdriver, screws or mounting hardware, and the curtain fixing itself.  If installing in drywall or plaster use anchors or toggle bolts. Hang It, Easy anchors, are perfect to use as they provide extra strength and they can hold up to 25 pounds each!

Position The Curtain Fixing Brackets On The Wall.  Once you have all of your materials ready it’s time to install the brackets. Make sure that whatever type of bracket you are using is firmly attached to your wall before placing in any screws or nails – this way your curtains won’t shake when opened or closed. Before moving onto hanging up the actual rod on top of the brackets make sure that it is level with a level measuring tool–you don’t want it crooked!

Hang Up The Curtain Rod On The Brackets.       

Once everything is in its place and leveled off correctly it’s time to attach each side of the rod to its corresponding bracket with screws. Including the kit or by clipping it on to the bracket grooves (if the rod comes switch this option). !

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