Most spiders are not harmful to humans and actually help to control other insects by eating them. The experts often recommend that spiders be captured and set free instead of being caught or smashed and killed. While that may be the best thing to do, it is not always practical for some people — especially the many who are afraid of spiders and don’t want them anywhere around!

Keep Spiders Out

Spiders tend to spin their webs in quiet, secluded areas. To discourage these nests and around your home: Keep firewood and logs away from the home. Clean up leaves and other organic debris from around the yard. Trim back any trees and shrubs that contact the home. Caulk or otherwise seal cracks and gaps in the home’s structure, especially around foundations windows and doors.Ensure doors and windows fit tightly in their frames, have no tears or holes in screening, and have sweeps installed at the bottom edge of doors.Reduce the insects that attract the spiders by replacing standard mercury vapor lights with high-pressure sodium vapor or halogen lights. Although it is common to place lights on exterior walls near doors, it is better to place the light farther away, using pole lights when possible, with the light shining toward the door for safety.

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