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What Are The kinds Of Moving Services?

If you are planning to move soon, you might be wondering what the different types of moving services are. Do you need help understanding the difference between them and deciding on the most suitable option? The experts at EAGLE TRENDS put together this guide to help you navigate the process like a pro.

Types of Moving Services

There are three types of transfer services that you can choose from which you can choose based on the exact tempol, budget, and requirements

Door to door

This is where the Abu Dhabi Moving Service will take care of everything. They will pack your things in Abu Dhabi, deliver them to your new home, then unpack everything there, and take care of all the necessary paperwork for you. This is the most expensive

Door-to-port service

This is where the Moving Service packs up your belongings and delivers them to the port of your new destination. You will have to take care of port customs and the documents that go with it, then transport your goods the rest of the way by yourself or using a local company.

Port to port

This is the cheapest choice available to you, however, it means that the Eagle Trends service provider will only be held responsible for shipping your goods so they will charge you more. You need to take care of your packing items in Abu Dhabi for Moving Service, deal with customs, and find a way to get your belongings from the port to your home.

Kinds of shipment

Depending on the value of the cargo you want to ship, you can choose:

Less Than Container Cargo (LCL)

This is a good choice if you desire to ship a relatively small amount of stuff, for instance, if you currently live in a studio apartment. Your goods will arrive in a shared container with other goods going to the same destination.

Full Container Load (FCL)

That is when you have your own container that only holds your personal belongings. It’s a fast and safe way to ship your goods, but it’s the most expensive type of shipping.

Groupage for Moving Service

This is another good alternative if you only want to ship a small number of personal effects and is the cheapest option. However, shipping will not begin until the Moving Service provider fills the container. It can take a few days or an entire month, so think carefully about your timing and how fast you want to move.

How to Estimate Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping goods from Abu Dhabi to another country depends on many factors. We have already compared the types of moving and shipping services. Please note that it also depends on the distance to your destination, the size/weight of your goods, and whether you are shipping by land, air, or sea.

If you ship your goods by air, the cost is determined by the weight of your goods; however, if you ship your goods by land or sea, the price is determined by the volume/amount of your goods in cubic meters. The more space they take up, the more your transfer will cost.

Air transport is generally the most expensive means of transport. However, it’s the fastest way to get your items where they need to be. On the other hand, although shipping your goods by sea is a much cheaper option, it can take 8-10 weeks for your belongings to reach your new home.

Del Golfo Ries, is your cheapest mode of transportation island, especially if you are moving a relatively short distance from Abu Dhabi. Be sure to compare free quotes from several movers and packers in Abu Dhabi via Eagle Trends, which only offers affiliates.

You should also need to read customer reviews and check the accreditations of movers online to make an informed decision.

We avoid unnecessary costs for Moving Services:

do you know what makes us the first choice for all moving and packing services? We have many years of experience and are consistently recognized as one of the region’s leading moving companies. Our long history has made us the leading experts in moving and packing. During your Moving Service, transporting your belongings is no problem. We follow a careful system for packing, transporting, and unloading your items, guaranteeing safety, efficiency, and transfer speed.

We understand all the aspects of residential and commercial moving that allow us to avoid the unnecessary costs that the most inexperienced movers bring to their clients. There’s a reason we’re one of the best and cheapest moving and packing companies in Abu Dhabi. As you have so many Moving Service responsibilities at work, from managing employees to Moving Service customers to coming up with the next big plan of action.

Let our movers take you to your new building so you can stay focused on your business. We are a professional and experienced moving service that has been doing this for many years. And it’s no surprise that we are listed as one of the best Moving Services in Abu Dhabi city. Our affordable and expert moving experience will show you why people never go back to moving alone.

Plus, our moving experience lets you focus on your current business without wasting time. Whether you are moving your business with your home or expanding your business to another location, we are the leading residential and commercial relocation company for homes, villas, and businesses of all sizes

Frequently asked questions for Moving Service

Here are some of the queries that need to be answered to clear all your doubts and thoughts.

1.     How to Find the Best Moving Service?

In order to find the best movers in Abu Dhabi. You’ll have to search for customer reviews.

2.     How much does a moving cost?

The cost of your moving from Abu Dhabi to another country will depend on several factors.

  1. First depends on the volume of your moving stuff. Like if you are moving a whole container, half container, or just important small stuff.
  2. Secondly, how you are moving your stuff, the cost will be higher if you are moving by air. If you are moving by road or by sea, the cost will be low.
  3. The third depends on how far you are moving. If moving near the cost will be low if moving far, the cost will be high.

The best moving company will be FIDI accredited and have good reviews online. With Eagle Trends, you can hire the best moving companies in Abu Dhabi without any hassle. Click Here To BOOK NOW


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