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A broken faucet or an open shelf, if not maintained, can be very troublesome. Finding a maintenance companies in Dubai used to be a chore. With the advent of mobile apps and websites like Eagle Trends. You can easily contact the best home maintenance service companies in Dubai to call a handyman at any time. As the name suggests, Eagle Trends can perform a multitude of tasks ranging from fixing shelves to appliances to working with wood. E.g. Furniture Assembling, Furniture Installation, etc. To choose the best housekeeping company or Handyman in Dubai, several factors must be taken into account.

Handyman and Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai?
Eagle Trends Handyman service

How much do maintenance companies in Dubai cost?

When hiring a housekeeping company, the first thing you may wonder about is the cost. The cost ranges from around AED 109 to AED 129 per hour. The final cost depends on several factors. When you book online through Eagle Trends maintenance companies in Dubai, a team of two handymen will come to your home with the basic tools and equipment.

It will cost you more for additional parts. Just like any other handyman, you may have hired in the past. Have they existed for a long time? Age and company size are significant when hiring a handyman company in UAE.

The longer a company has been around, the more experience. It’ll have in handling different situations. Additionally, relatively larger companies will have more staff to cater to all customers. Whether or not they face issues beyond their control.

Do they specialize in certain services?

If a company is reputable then it should have certified professionals. Who knows what they are doing? Some companies specialize in particular services such as air conditioning, duct cleaning, or woodworking at that particular maintenance companies in Dubai service. Therefore, when hiring a handyman. It is always best to hire a company that specializes in the service you want to perform. Are they taking the necessary health and safety precautions?

All businesses must take government-defined security measures to combat COVID-19. Customers may be a bit apprehensive about hiring a handyman in the middle of a pandemic. But things like faulty electrical wiring or appliances can prove much more dangerous. If not taken care of in charge on time. With maintenance companies in Dubai Eagle Trends, you don’t have to worry about these health and safety precautions. As the companies in our panel follow the detailed SOPs given to them. And failure to do so may result in them being terminated from our platform.

Do maintenance companies in Dubai have good reviews?

In today’s digital world, it’s customary to check previous customer reviews online. Before hiring a home maintenance company in Dubai for service. This way, you know in advance what type of service you will receive and avoid surprises. On Eagle Trends, you can easily consult the opinions of the do-it-yourselfers on our panel by simply clicking here.

Do they offer a guarantee? When you purchase a service, a warranty is not only an added benefit. It also gives you the certainty that you commit to the company providing the service. This automatically means that the company is wholly convinced that its service is perfectly executed.

Eagle Trends provides its customers with a 30-day warranty on the work done by Handymen as part of its online website.

The best home maintenance companies in Dubai will provide you with a handyman. Who can perform various tasks ranging from furniture assembly to electrical issues without any hesitation? The best way to use Eagle Trends’ Handyman service is to visit our website and book a service or directly contact us. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Why Should Choose Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai?


The reason to choose us is that we are maintenance companies in  Dubai Based Handyman Company working efficiently for many successful years. We have a chain of greatly satisfied customers in our profile. Also, cover almost every handyman and maintenance work required for an apartment, office, villa, or warehouse. Our group of Expert Handyman workers for your Plumbing, Electrical, and Carpentry requirements.

Also, have Expert Technicians to serve at your doorstep for your home appliance repair. Our Expert guys can fix your Central Air Conditioner, Water Chiller, and any kind of Building / Villa HVAC System.

24/7 Emergency Handyman

Eagle Trends’ Handyman Services gives you a 24/7 Emergency maintenance companies in Dubai irrespective of whether you want a Plumber for leaked water, Water Heater Fix & Blocked Drain Clean. Emergency Electrician for Short Circuit or Breaker Trip trouble, and HVAC Chiller or AC now no longer cool.

You can visit or contact us, and our Handyman might be to be had spherical the clock to assist you. You want now no longer be involved. Whether or not it’s an afternoon or nighttime due to the fact we’re to be had properly there.


Why chose Eagle Trends as a home maintenance company in Dubai?

We are the largest handyman services marketplace in the Middle East. Many people trust us also with their homes every month.

Everything your home needs

We made our business to make it easy for you to get any assistance. You might need your house in one place.

The best professionals for your job

We manage and measure our service partners on their provided service. Quality to make sure our service is great.

Great customer service

We take customer service seriously. Our support desk is open 24/7 to help you out with anything you need




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