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Villa Renovation Services With Eagle Trends.

At EAGLE TRENDS, we understand that every villa has potential and the idea “stay still, improve!”. This means that the trend of moving every 7-10 years is over and building something to be proud of. And settling in a place you can truly call home is what people are looking for. Today. This is why our mission is to entrust you with the renovation of the villa of your dreams. Whether traditional or contemporary: it will be luxurious.

Your villa is a place that should be designed and adapted to your tastes and needs. Yet our needs, as we all know, change from time to time. Whether your villa only needs minor upgrades or a general renovation. We’ll guide you through the process and present you with a space that’s right for you. Smart Renovation focuses on complete villa renovations and offers its clients a wide variety of villa renovation services.

Our offer includes.

Our offer includes installing kitchens and bathrooms and installing windows and doors. Adding extensions, and introducing smart home equipment.

Experienced professionals

Smart Renovation works with a group of experienced professionals. Who will ensure that every detail of your villa renovation is expertly completed? We also work with a team of selected and dedicated builders. Who has helped us with many projects over the years, earning a lot of praise from our customers?

DETAILED Villa Renovation

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart of most villas and a place where family life thrives. For this space to serve you well, it should be designed and finished to your liking. That’s precisely why we offer kitchen installation. Which can cover room design and reconfiguration, and structural changes. Optimizing storage space, decorating, and even dust reduction.

We also offer plumbing services which include installing bathrooms. Or kitchen units, identifying leaks and repairing them, and many more. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you with the electrical aspects. As well as provide installation of new circuits, replacement of faulty items, and inspection of the final work.


We know that technology advances at a rapid pace. That is why we have also included Smart Home installation services in our offer. Our team will be happy to assist you with installing Multi-Room Audio Video, lighting design and control, WiFi signal extenders, and the room TV and radio installation.

It should be mentioned that Smart Home technology is an ideal way to increase security. That is why we also offer the installation of smart security systems, fingerprint and keyless locks, and CCTV cameras with motion detection and telephone notification.

  • Project Management. We will manage it completely from start to finish
  • Design Service including consultation between us and any related professionals
  • Full construction services
  • All trade services
  • Minimal disturbance, all our workers are trusted individuals, and work can be cordoned off to minimize noise and dust
  • All our workers work to strict deadlines
  • Electrical certificates issued on completion


Remodeling and renovation of existing interiors and exteriors of the house.

  • The process of remodeling the exterior surfaces of the house, such as the facade and the roof, the cladding of the walls, and the refurbishment of the interior coatings of the floors and ceilings, this service is called It is the most affordable and fastest alternative;

Renovation and Complete Renovation of the house

  • This service also covers the elimination of poor workmanship and the reinforcement of buildings. In this case, the technical communications are usually replaced in whole or in part. This improves home security and ease of use, allowing major renovations to be postponed for many years.


Home can always be considered a permanent or temporary refuge; as our refuge is, it is always necessary to have the most comfortable environment and turn it into our personal sanctuary. Large interior spaces can allow you to realize home-building concepts that would be impossible to realize even in the most spacious apartment. Not only a game room, swimming pool, gym, and other amenities are on the house’s property.


Compare our rates with those offered by other well-known companies in Abu Dhabi. We are confident that our proposal will be the most affordable option for high-quality work. Having our own production and factory for furniture and all decorations and materials offers all reasonable prices for each project. Our customers will save money, time, and effort as our team provides comprehensive services from A to Z.


To quickly create the project’s design, we have a huge team of designers and architects. Eagle Trends has many in-Villa Renovation teams, allowing us to complete the job in a timely manner. Only the finishing materials we use are subject to technological constraints.


We provide total home renovation services, including interior design, choices, interior and exterior execution, landscaping, and furniture manufacturing.

Eagle Trends offers Villa Renovation services and offers nearly endless options to put all your ideas into action. All forms of staging works are included in our services, starting with the facade and reconstruction of the exterior decoration to improve the aesthetic characteristics of the facade, ending with the interior decoration and establishing an exceptional design for the project specific to each customer.

You can trust us to renovate your home in Abu Dhabi or any other city in the United Arab Emirates. We work in all of the United Arab Emirates.

Eagle Trends is the most renowned Villa Renovation company. By submitting a request to our online consultant, you can estimate the cost of renovating your home. You can contact our team at any time for questions, requests, and quote requests.

Our Villa Renovation services are available in Abu Dhabi and all cities in the UAE. We are based in the United Arab Emirates. Click Here To BOOK NOW


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