Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai can be complicated work and system consists of electromechanical components that need to be maintained. Such as pumps, filters, radiators, heat pumps, skimmers, etc. Hence, they cost you more. And let’s not forget that there are some water parameters for which industry authorities have set standards to ensure the pool is safe for swimming. If not met, your swimming pool can be dangerous to use.

Let our experts help you keep yours. We provide quality pool maintenance and cleaning services that ensure a well-maintained pH level and flawless functioning of filtration systems. We specialize in the maintenance of residential and commercial swimming pools. Contact us now to find out more.

Dubai Pool maintenance Services

Eagle Trends provides the best pool maintenance services in Dubai and promises to clean the pool. And also make it free of germs or dirt to keep it in pristine condition. Using equipment with international standards and chemicals that respect the skin and the environment. We clean your pool to prevent any possible trace of dirt and germs. Using the right chemicals and the right machines. We make sure to clean your pool so that you or your family don’t get sick while enjoying the pool.

Our Method:

Let us professionally maintain your pool and take the stress out. Our pool and fountain maintenance method is certified by government water laws. And meets their safety standards to ensure safe and hygienic swimming for you and your family. Below are some of the tasks we perform during our Swimming pool maintenance Dubai visits.

  • ​Leaves removal
  • Water level Check
  • Pump operation check
  • Waterline tiles cleaning
  • Algaecide input if required
  • Oxidizer and Stabilizer check
  • Alkalinity check and adjustment
  • Filter pressure check and adjustment
  • Chlorine or Sanitizing feeding and check
  • Backwash check and adjustment if required
  • Sanitizing level check (depending on weather)
  • Visual pool inspection for color and contaminants
  • Cleaning out the harmful wastes and debris from the pool
  • pH level check and adjusting depending on weather condition and type of pool

Pool contractor in Dubai

Eagle Trends has earned a notable reputation as an industry leader in the construction. And maintenance of swimming pools on three key factors: quality, creativity, and excellent customer service. Our swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai has used over the years of experience. That provides beautiful swimming pools, spas, and landscaping creations for many years.

We strive to make your property a paradise that family and friends will admire and enjoy for years to come skills. We guarantee that your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood. Not only will we build a beautiful swimming pool for you, but we’ll be there to help you take care of it. After the pool or spa is finished, you may need help maintaining it. Relax, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers, new and old, with chemical supplies, weekly service, seasonal openings and closings, regular maintenance, service, and repairs. Not only do we make a quality product, but we’re here to continually maintain that quality so you can have worry-free fun for years to come. Eagle Trends is the contractor you should contact. If you look for professional swimming pool services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Pool cleaning in Dubai

Pool cleaning services are not always very easy to find in the UAE, especially the professional services that can be trusted to keep your pool in top condition. We specialize in maintaining swimming pools so that they are both clean and hygienic. We offer our customers trained, certified, and experienced pool cleaners and the most modern equipment. Whether a client needs regular pool cleaning services or a one-time intensive or deep cleaning. We can help. In addition, we offer a range of services in the form of supply. And assembly of pool covers, pool cover coils, stairs, water test kits, pool chemicals, and even automatic cleaners.

By using a professional pool cleaning Dubai service, your pool will be safe, sparkling, and clear. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg in additional chemicals or repairs to the pool itself or the filter. If your pool is cleaned and tested regularly, you won’t have any problems with Eria bacteria or algae, which are likely to thrive under a thick pool cover. Do not take any risks with your swimming pool or the safety of your family. We monitor the condition of your pool all year round.

Swimming Pool maintenance in Dubai

Modern and hectic life in Dubai means that maintaining your pool can become a daunting and time-consuming task. Just as you will take care of your luxury car by having it serviced regularly. So too does your luxury swimming pool need professional and regular maintenance with experienced people.

Why Choose Eagles Trends?

At Eagle Trends, we understand that you would love to be able to use your pool. Whenever you want without having to worry about temperature, pH levels, clarity, etc. The solution to this is to allow our technicians to take care of the maintenance of the pool. Thus, ensure that it is always in perfect condition and ready for use. The frequency of pool maintenance depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor, the size of the pool, and the frequency of use.

The key to the longevity of your pool is to have it serviced “infrequently and often,” and at Eagle Trends. We can design a tailor-made maintenance program that fits your schedule and the needs of your pool. If you wish, we can also keep an eye on your pool. If you are on vacation or plan to be away from home for an extended period.

We carry out maintenance contracts to meet any need. We discuss how much they would like to be involved in maintenance with each of our clients and then customize the contract based on those requirements. Our swimming pool cleaning services include vacuuming, backwashing, foam line removal, chemical testing, chemical supply. And monitoring from weekly cleaning to a monthly check-up of all the equipment of the technical room of the swimming pool.

In addition to our maintenance contracts, it is possible to add other services such as air conditioning maintenance, boiler maintenance, filter change, etc. We are committed to making the most of your pool. Our professional team of pool maintenance experts can provide a comprehensive service and support contract specifically tailored to your pool needs. Eagle Trends is Your ideal partner for all maintenance and service needs of your swimming pool in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


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