Shipping Your Belongings From The Abu Dhabi?

Many cities in UAE have suspended flights and are in lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you consider moving or shipping your belongings to another city, you may wonder if it is still possible to ship your goods from the United Arab Emirates.

Experts from EAGLE TRENDS and several moving companies have come together to demystify and help you navigate this complicated and evolving situation. Don’t forget to dive into this comprehensive guide from The National on how to move from the United Arab Emirates during the pandemic. Transfer companies are still operational during the crisis

As ports and maritime transport, as well as airports and airlines, have been identified as one of the vital sectors of the economy, its members are exempt from any restriction of movement currently imposed due to the Covid19 emergency.

This means that even if the COVID-19 pandemic persists, you can ship your belongings anywhere in the UAE without facing major challenges, except for some cities, which are totally blocked.?

Travel restrictions for outbound passengers

As passenger flights are currently restricted, the main challenge when transferring at this time is to fly to your destination before the goods arrive. However, flights from the UAE to certain destinations are increasing daily to allow residents to leave the UAE with their belongings.

You can expect delays in some destinations.

Being exempt from the restrictions, nothing prevents removal companies in the UAE from packing and moving your belongings, bringing them to the port, and shipping them. But there may be delays after your goods reach the port of destination, depending on the situation of that city. According to Movers, some of the cities where you can expect delays are India, Jordan, Egypt, and Western Europe.

Typically, shipping a full container from UAE to any destination takes 4-6 weeks, but due to the complete lockdown or possible restrictions on working hours or mobility of port and shipping workers in the city you are traveling to, you may face some delays. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your relocation plans can protect you against delays.

For instance, you should consider shipping your belongings as soon as possible; you may need to arrange alternative accommodation or rent storage space for the goods at their destination.

No new quarantine rules for goods

As you and your family might have to self-quarantine for several days as per the guidelines issued by the city you’re relocating to, and there are no new quarantine rules or procedures for goods. Note that some cities like Australia already have rules under which your goods may be inspected, isolated, or undergo a treatment such as fumigation.

You may incur additional storage costs.

If you are shipping your belongings at this time but cannot travel on your own due to restrictions, you may need to store your belongings for a period of time which may incur additional charges. Keep in mind that most moves offer up to a month of free storage for large shipments (usually 20 m3 more), so discuss your options with your moving company.

If you need more extended storage or the size of your belongings is not big enough, be sure to find out the storage cost in advance to get an idea of ​​how much you should pay for it. One way to reduce shipping and storage costs is to ensure you’re not shipping unnecessary items. Order your belongings before getting a removals quote and consider donating, selling, or throwing away any items that are not essential or can be purchased after landing.

Movers take strict precautionary measures in shipping

Eagle Trends has contacted several movers and packers in Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, including Fusion Specialized Shipping and Logistics, Inchcape In UAE Movers, Interem, and Trans On Movers, to find out what measures are taken when packing and shipping.

The process to ensure safety during shipping.

Here is a checklist of some of the precautionary measures that can be expected:

  • Daily health screening of staff is carried out before they start work.
  • If someone is not feeling well, they are not sent to customers.
  • Masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves.
  • Since the gloves can make the packing process difficult, they can be removed at this point, but packers will sanitize their hands after removing the gloves and before starting to pack.
  • Wash hands with antibacterial soap and water before putting on a new pair of gloves.
  • Staff maintain a safe distance and also refrain from physical contact with customers.
  • Vehicles utilized by movers and packers are sanitized adequately at the end of each day.
  • No more than three staff members can not go to a vehicle.

For the safety of customers and staff, a questionnaire is also sent to all customers before work begins. This may include questions about their travel history, contact with travelers abroad, and flu-like symptoms.

You may also be asked to ensure that only one member of your family is at home while the services are being provided. This is a developing situation now, and movers such as Fusion Specialized Shipping and Logistics, Inchcape In UAE Movers, Interem, and TransOn Movers are doing everything they can to have the best experience possible and safely when shipping your goods from the United Arab Emirates.

 Finally, Book Authorized and Accredited Removals for shipping

Now Finally, we strongly advise people not to take any chances at this stage when comparing different moving companies. When comparing moving quotes, don’t settle for the cheapest quote you come across because you could end up with an unregistered moving company.

To ensure your items arrive safely at their destination, book your service from accredited moving companies with strong financial backing and shipping networks. Although the most important accreditation you should look for is FIDI, other accreditations like IAMX and BAR are also available. You can properly check the accreditations of moving companies in the UAE on Eagle Trends. Click Here To BOOK NOW


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