A sofa is the most important place in your home for the comfort and visual appeal it offers to any home interior. Sofas in Dubai get dirty easily due to the dusty atmosphere around them, quickly causing allergies and other related health issues, so cleaning becomes a necessity. We understand this fact better than anyone. Therefore, we provide efficient and affordable sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi with a skillfully dedicated team and professional cleaners. The right chemicals, equipment, and a trained cleaner are stringent requirements for effective sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi.

Even if one is missing, your sofa will surely be damaged. Brighter and fresher like new while retaining the original colour, appearance or texture.

Mattress Cleaning Abu Dhabi

We spend a third of our life sleeping. So, shouldn’t it make sense to worry about sleeping on a clean, sanitized mattress? Mattress cleaning in Abu Dhabi is widely available and is a service used at least twice a year.

By hiring a professional mattress and sofa cleaning company, you can ensure that you create a clean and healthy home environment for you and your family. So book the best Sofa Cleaning Services in Abu Dubai from our website Eagle Trends.

Best Sofa Cleaning Services In Abu Dhabi

We understand that home furnishings, including sofa sets and rugs, are an expensive investment. And it is usually not possible to replace them frequently. To protect your household items and extend their lifespan, contact the company with the best sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. We will provide all Sofa Cleaning Services in Dubai at your location and will not leave until you are satisfied with the service.

Professional sofa cleaning services include

  • Extend the life of your sofas with environmentally friendly substances
  • Eliminate household dust and house dust mites
  • Eliminate unpleasant odours
  • Remove stubborn stains from sofas using chemicals
  • An extensive suction process carried out by experienced professionals
  • Our professionals carry out all small repairs

How does the sofa cleaning service work?

Once you have made your reservation with us, our team will arrive on time and do a thorough inspection of your furniture.

Gathering Information

Our professional team will collect all the details about the sofa when there is a request for a deep sofa cleaning; then, the cleaner comes to you with previous information about the sofa, the information includes the number of seats. The current condition of the sofa, the type of dirt and stains on the sofa, etc.

Determine the fabric of the sofa

The cleaner will check the intensity of the dirt and stains on the sofa and determine its fabric from its label. Then we will decide on the chemicals, equipment and sofa cleaning strategy depending on the upholstery fabric. We’ll use the regular shampoo nozzle or the deep cleaning nozzle with a high wash level, water suction and extra brushing.

Remove the dust

The cleaners remove dust, sand and other dirt particles from the surface of the sofas using a powerful vacuum cleaner. We use a roller to remove lint or pet hair that the vacuum cannot remove. If there are any stains or stains, we use special chemicals to remove them.

Sofa Shampooing

In this step, sofa deep cleaning is done. We use a professional shampoo machine that takes care of all the fabric without changing the colour and maintaining the condition of the fabric. The cleanser applies shampoo and water mixed at normal temperature to the sofa. That is carefully worked on the couch and allowed to soak into the fibre and remove any grease or oil attached. Then the machine will extract the mixture with the dirt, sterilizing the deep level of the sofa.

Sofa Upholstery Abu Dhabi

Upholstery cleaning is a difficult part of the sofa that cars cannot reach, especially the back. We brush these areas manually with an upholstery cleaning brush. At the end of the process, all dirt and stains will be removed from the fabric. We guarantee our result without damaging the padding. In addition, we clean the places where dirt is present and the entire sofa deep cleaning.

Satisfaction Of Clients

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with oursofa cleaning services. Whether you contact us for carpet, upholstery cleaningor sofa cleaning service, our team of professional cleaners will make sure you are satisfied with our comprehensive service. You can also count on us to offer you competitive rates. Our company has no hidden charges and will only charge you for the services you request.

Why Eagle Trends?

  • We use a different types of tools to sanitize each and every corner of your sofa.
  • We use either the dry foam or specially formalized detergent solution for sanitation, ensuring optimum results.
  • The drying process takes a maximum of 3 hours, and the couch will be ready to use within no time.
  • We do not use any chemicals to spoil your fabric or risk your health.

At Eagle Trends, we ​​always take the initiative to care for the environment; we only use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning materials to protect the environment. When you get down to business, we bet you’ll be more than satisfied with our professional experts’ best sofa cleaning services in dubai.

For sofa deep cleaning services, we use steam cleaning, which removes the most stubborn stains from your sofas, removes stains and odours, and leaves sofas scent for a long time. For gentle cleaning, we use deep suction, which involves the application of low humidity foams and dry cleaning products to protect leather or silk fabrics.

By removing all the debris from the vacuuming thoroughly, those itchy spots and stains on your sofas transform into a fresh scent that is sure to add to the ambience around the house. We always base our professional sofa cleaning service on customer satisfaction and look forward to seeing you.

Discover the Eagle Trend service, let us help your sofa shine in your home like never before; for more information on our sofa cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or to make an appointment, call or visit our website. We can’t wait to talk to you!


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