Most homeowners will be faced with a home remodel at some point. Home renovations can range from simple (minor improvements to a room) to complex (tearing down and rebuilding a kitchen or bathroom). No matter how complex your renovation painting basics are. There is a distinct order of operations to maximize the efficiency of your project and ensure the desired outcome.

With the summer on, a little renovation painting basics to make your Dubai home feel more spacious and cooler seems like a brilliant idea. However, major home renovations that include hiring painting services in Dubai require a bit more planning, than renovation painting basics that only include minor repairs. If you are planning to renovate painting basics and remodel specific rooms in your home, remember not to be in a hurry. You need to plan carefully to ensure you get the best results. : Eagle Trends has put together a comprehensive guide to the basics of renovation (renovation basics painting) to help you achieve your dream home design:

Guide to Renovation Painting basics

Renovation Painting Basic Everything You Need To Know
Construction workers paint and smooth concrete walls in a room. Renovation painting basics for an apartment.

Write a renovation plan for your home in Dubai

Write down what you want to change in your home in Dubai. Get your whole family in one place for the decision-making process. You may want to change the color themes of the rooms. Do you think only the kitchen needs updating? Do you require new floors?

Make a list of everything you may want to change and why? Also, try to form the new theme you want your Dubai home to represent. For example, decide if you stay, opt for a cozy or artistic atmosphere, and do you want a contemporary or minimalist style in your interior decoration.

Once you’ve decided on the theme you’re going for, start researching the different looks you want to use for your rooms. You need to determine colors, fabrics, furniture, furniture layout, light fixtures, etc., that you would like to have.

Then you need to seek out professionals who know how to paint a wall professionally. Who can help you achieve the look you want for your home or for a particular room or space?

You should also research the best places online or in stores. Where you can find the equipment you need. If you want to complete the DIY home improvement project. Finally, determine if you want to throw away or donate your old things and buy new ones based on the theme or decor you’ve chosen. This is a great opportunity to tidy up and breathe new life into your home.

Create a renovation painting basics budget for your home in Dubai

Renovating even a single room of your home in Dubai can be quite expensive. You should have a fixed budget for your renovation project (one that obviously won’t break the bank!) and try to stick to it as much as possible. You want your makeover to be a positive addition to your life, not a cause of stress.

Break down all of the components of your Dubai home improvement plan and apply a proper budget accordingly. Get quotes from several DIY companies in Dubai and research different material costs. Consult with friends, family, and professionals on what can be done within your budget without compromising on quality.

The goal is to find a balance. Since renovations are considered a long-term investment, the money shouldn’t be too much concern. But it’s also not a good idea to overdo it and get into financial trouble. You also have to find the best professionals, and you don’t want to waste your investment, just because you hired someone with no experience and/or references who failed on the job.

Create a renovation painting basics program for your home in Dubai

Major home renovation painting basics projects are an investment of time and money. All projects that include painting and modifying items such as cabinets and floors require an appropriate schedule, that should fit into your regular schedule. Paint, for example, needs time to dry. Fortunately, since it’s summer, the paint won’t take too long to dry, if this is your renovation project.

If you’re thinking about changing floors, depending on who you are. Whether you opt for engineered hardwood or solid floors, your renovation project can be longer or shorter. Therefore, you should plan an appropriate period of time to carry out these renovations well before starting the project.

One more important thing that you should consider is asking friends and family to watch your children and pets while a project is underway. Hiring a pet sitter and babysitting service in Dubai. So you don’t have to worry about children and pets is also a great idea. If you’re completely renovating, it’s best to go piece by piece. This way, some parts of your house will be habitable even when others are not.

If you think your renovation will take a long time, you may need to start finding storage companies in Dubai to keep your belongings while the renovations are underway.

When is the best time to paint during a renovation?

We often hear this question when talking to homeowners and working with general contractors. With small home improvement projects, it’s usually easy to figure out when to paint. After all, you’re only updating a handful of things, and painting is just a line item to check off the list and painting supplies list.

But for larger, more complex renovation projects, timing is key to achieving the best results. Painting too early can risk damaging newly painted walls and ending up like, other trades are still working in the area and bumping or scratching walls and trim.

How to prep a house for painting interior renovation painting basics

Additionally, renovations often involve the need to paint surfaces other than the walls project. However, the paint will almost always be one of the last things on your to-do list. From there, it depends on how much work the space needs to determine when to paint.

Before making decisions or choosing service providers at random, browse service providers on Eagle Trends and read verified customer reviews to ensure, you’re making the least stressful and most beneficial decision. If you are specifically looking for painters in Dubai, get free quotes from several Dubai painting services at Eagle Trends. Plan well ahead of the expected completion date to ensure a successful home renovation in Dubai.


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