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Professional Interior and Exterior Painting Services.

Get the best interior and exterior wall painting services in Abu Dhabi with experienced professionals. We guarantee top-quality results to transform your home. Contact With EAGLE TRENDS To Get This Service…

Get Referrals for painting services

The best way to find a reliable Painter is to ask for referrals from friends, family, and neighbors. Ask about their experience with the company. And if they have any advice or suggestions on what you should do when selecting a Painter.

Do Your Research

Do your research by looking at online reviews, and checking out their website and social media pages. As well as asking other people in your network who have used their services before. This will allow you to get a better understanding of what type of service they offer and whether or not they are reliable and trustworthy.

Request Quotes

Once you have narrowed down your list of three to five potential painting services in Abu Dhabi. Contact them by email or phone to request quotes for the job you need to be done. Make sure to be clear about what needs to be done. So that everyone can accurately provide you with an accurate quote for the work that needs to be completed

Check Credentials & Certifications

It’s important to make sure that the painter possesses all the necessary certifications. This provides assurance that the painter has been trained in certain techniques, safety precautions, and best practices before beginning work on your project. Most regions require certified painters in order for them to legally practice in residential settings. This is why it’s important to confirm these credentials upfront while comparing different bids from different painters that you are considering hiring for the project.

Proposed Timeline & Payments

Discussing payment terms as well as a proposed timeline prior to beginning any work. These are two incredibly important aspects of hiring a local reliable painter for your project so ensure that these topics are discussed up-front. Before starting any work or signing anything binding. You want everything in writing so there’s no confusion about what either party agreed upon initially prior to starting the job itself

Check Warranties or Insurance Coverage

Any professional Painter should be able to ask questions associated with warranties or insurance coverage related to their business operations. But in order really verify if both parties are aligned its action to talk more in-depth about these topics and also confirm what’s covered before signing. Anything keeps in mind as Your offers responsible paying repair costs might arise due to accidents during the painting processes caused by the painter themselves.

 Don’t Rush into Signing Any Contracts Or Agreements Too Soon

Finally don’t rush into signing contract agreements until you’re absolutely confident trusting someone to agree price timeline. Before a lasting purchase, the Last thing that wants to happen is to have a rushed process causing some unexpected surprises in payment materials. To arrive realizing didn’t read the entire document countless times over trusted friend edit wouldn’t hurt either.

Come to us and experience professional interior and exterior painting services in Abu Dhabi.


We only use the very best in high-quality paints and materials, which ensures that your walls will remain beautiful for many years to come. We understand how important it is to get certain details right – like mixing the right shades of paint and using the required tools. Such as trowels and rollers for various surfaces, etc. – So you can be sure that our experienced team will pay close attention to even the smallest details to deliver you exceptional results!

Professional Painting Services

Our team of experienced painters from Abu Dhabi is dedicated to providing excellent service with every job they take on – no matter how big or small! Our painters uphold a high standard of professionalism from start to finish throughout each project. From helping educate customers about their options and properly prepping all surfaces for painting, up through completion!

Extensive Experience

Our team has extensive experience in performing a variety of painting services, including interior/exterior residential, commercial, industrial, and government buildings. As well as historical sites; any project we take on gets done quickly with precision care and attention to detail. And because safety is always a top priority at our shop. We abide by all federal safety regulations while painting services in Abu Dhabi both inside and out!

Around The Clock Support

No matter what time or day it is, if there’s anything you need help with. Whether it’s advice about which type of paint would best suit your needs or evaluating costs for a specific job. Call us anytime or drop us an email within normal operating hours and we’ll be more than happy to assist. Whatever questions you may have so that everything goes smoothly throughout the process!

Affordable Prices for painting services:

You don’t have to break the bank when you come to us for any kind of painting job. We work together with clients in order to come up with prices based on their individual budget needs without compromising quality standards. Or any kind of service offered during each step of the way!

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

At our shop, customer satisfaction is guaranteed; our goal is always to make sure that customers feel satisfied after working with us. Receiving quality results at an affordable price along with professional painting services yet friendly customer service. These are a few reasons why choosing Interior & Exterior Painting makes perfect sense for those who need an efficient and reliable way forward when it comes to getting things painted (or repaired) around their home/ office property!


Upgrade the look of your home with our expert interior and exterior painting services in Abu Dhabi. 

Exterior Paint:

Protecting your home from the elements is just as important as making it look beautiful. So one of the best ways to improve your house’s exterior appearance is with a fresh coat of paint. Professional painters can ensure that the job is done properly and quickly, leaving you with a bright, impactful, and long-lasting result.

Interior painting services:

Interior painting is an easy way to freshen up any room in your house without breaking the bank. An experienced painting contractor will get the job done right the first time. Whether it’s repainting walls, adding stripes to accentuate an area, or changing a color scheme entirely.

painting services and Wallpaper Installation:

Adding wallpaper to your rooms can drastically upgrade their style without having to break down walls. This process requires skill and a steady hand so unless you are confident in your wallpapering abilities. It’s best left to a professional who can guarantee a perfect job every time while also alerting you to any potential pitfalls of certain products or techniques.

Ceiling Painting/Texture:

The ceiling of your home deserves just as much attention as its other parts. If not more! Professional painters will make sure that this area is addressed correctly. Offering advice on what type of product should be used for the best effect and finish for each space’s design theme and size requirements.

 Finishes & Installations:

A lot of experience goes into adding trimmings and touches that complete any room design perfectly. Such as moldings around doors/windows; chair rails above wainscoting; door casings; window treatments & blinds, etc… Professional painters know these installations inside out and can offer special discounts when they do multiple tasks together on a project. Such assuring streamlined solutions plus great value for money!

painting services  Specialty Projects:

Many painting contractors in Abu Dhabi offer additional services such as decorative finishes like stonework, marble work, or tile work. Which really makes all the difference when creating distinct interior spaces suited to customer needs! No matter what kind of specific touch you’d like for your home improvement project. Be it metallic paints with gold accents or larger tiled mural art panels set onto walls – professionals have got you covered!

painting services  and Furniture Refinishing (wood):

For those who desire bespoke luxury interiors tailored specially to them, furniture refinishing is key! Whether it’s simply restoring existing pieces by bringing back their original luster or reviving new pieces made out of raw materials. Beautiful furniture comes alive in expert hands! You’ll love how dark wood gains its shapely form through sanding & buffing alongside proper restoration techniques applied by experienced crews in Abu Dhabi. Visiting onsite directly across UAE emirates too- be assured that each project task involves paying close attention to flawless details required. When dealing with designing wooden furniture sets custom fitted only for yourself… Click Here To BOOK NOW


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