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Painting an entire home may not be everyone’s favorite hobby, and that is why we recommend hiring a painting company for your wall painting. We can provide you with the best quotes from Painting Services in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah to help you choose the right cheerful colors.

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As temperatures rise, it’s time to refresh the look of your home with summer-inspired color combinations. Use Eagle Trends to find reputable paint companies in the UAE and get inspired by these 12 trending colors:

With all the attention on nature-inspired colors, it’s no surprise that green is also high on the list of 2020 paint color trends. Here are 12 cheerful colors to paint a room.

Cheerful color: Lime green

Lime green can add instant freshness to your home. Green has always been associated with nature, and summer is the best time to approach it. This program refreshes your beautiful home and makes you feel active. Accent a wall in an open living room or home space with lime green for a clean, modern look. Decorate in gray and metallic tones to bring out the green while keeping light on the floors and other walls. You can also add plants and other accessories around the room to complete the look. Contact Us Eagle Trends Painting Services In UAE.

Soft green.

Green is a very powerful color, which is also why it isn’t easy to integrate into most interior decorations. But other shades like soft green are perfect for bedrooms as well as any other room, and it is a happy color. You can opt for muted green walls combined with a white ceiling and combine these colors with other pastels for a more dynamic effect.

Cheerful color: Juicy Orange Painting Services In UAE

Fresh, juicy orange is the epitome of summer. Paint the main wall of your living room orange for an energetic, high-impact summer space. Orange can add life to the room combined with wood or beige tones. Keep the floor, other walls, and decorations in light tones, such as a creamy white, so that the room is also welcoming and spacious.

So whether you’re hosting guests or relaxing on your own on the weekends, you can be sure to feel energized.

Sun Yellow

Say hello to yellow to take full advantage of the sun this summer! Color can be a little tricky to manage, but you can instantly make your home look brighter and even feel happier if you do it right. We recommend using color as an accent or choosing a pale yellow color, whether in your living room, bedroom, or window alcove.

Add accessories such as cushions or throws and pair them with patterns and prints. Offset the color with soft browns or grays to create an even more standout. If you’re feeling more daring, you can also have your paint company paint some furniture yellow, like a side table, and add that into the mix. Contact Us Eagle Trends Painting Services In UAE.

Sky Blue

Who doesn’t want to think of blue skies and calm blue seas in the summer? The color blue can bring a sense of calm and peace to any space in your home. Try sky blue in your bedroom to make it the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a long, hot day. It can also work effectively in your living room.

Ask your paint company for advice to make sure you select a cool shade of color. As a result, you can paint the whole room in the same shade to make it more restful and elegant. Adding nautical prints or embellishments can give an airier feel. Complement with warm grays or white for a balanced style.

Gray Cloud color Painting Services In UAE

“The blues always seem to please and make customers happy.” So, when designing your space, why not choose a color that also makes you happy? Gray Cloud is the softest pale periwinkle and works well in a variety of spaces. Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re floating in the clouds? Consider this dreamy blue for a soothing bedroom or soothing bathroom. This is the best white, and gray paint color

Cheerful color: Cheery Red

Spice up your cooking and your appetite with a bright, cheerful red splash. Being a color that inspires passion and creativity, it’s a perfect way to spice up the kitchen this summer. But be careful not to use too much red. Temper this intense color with a neutral white so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Cheerful color: Rosé Season

Looking for a color with a little more personality? You’ll love this blush pink “Warm pink hues like Rosé Season evoke a sense of optimism and give a happy, cheerful vibe,” “Fresh, bright, and a bit sweet, this cool pink reminds us of full glasses with great friends Whether it’s on your walls or in your glass, who doesn’t love a good rosé?!” We couldn’t agree more. Contact Us Eagle Trends Painting Services In UAE.

Cheerful color: Lavender.

This color is particularly suitable for the bedroom. It is serene, delicate, and perfect for creating calm and inviting decor. Use it in combination with white for an elegant result, or combine it with other accents more vibrant for a well-balanced interior.

Cheerful color: Pink color Painting Services In UAE

Pink is another very cheerful color. It bursts with energy, and that means it should be used in small amounts; otherwise, it can become overwhelming. You can add elegant pink touches to your home by including pink details or floral elements in the decor. The walls can remain just white if the rest of the design is well-balanced.

Cheerful color: Turquoise

Very fresh and lively, turquoise is one of those timeless colors. It is particularly beautiful when combined with white but can also be combined with other colors. Depending on the shade you choose, you can use turquoise in any room in your home. You can have pastel walls in the bedroom and stronger accents in other rooms.

White-Painting Services In UAE

Although it is a neutral and extremely simple color, white can sometimes be the answer to elegant and chic interior decoration. A white room is usually very light and bright, which gives it a sophisticated look but, at the same time, allows it to feel relaxed. White is also a very versatile color that can be combined with any other shade.

These are cheerful colors to paint a room!!


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