Ontime Manpower Supply Dubai

Ontime Manpower supply Dubai services provide quality personnel in the areas of expertise you need to complete your projects successfully. To provide comprehensive solutions for the recruitment, sourcing and supply of quality personnel worldwide.

Ontime Manpower Supply Dubai

We provide highly skilled professionals to support the top-level workforce in the short, medium and long term. It is often essential to maintain regular and uninterrupted production. You can look for a technical workforce ready to mobilize in the short term and take on various oil and gas industry roles.

The targeted intervention of oil and gas chemists during the extraction phases is essential. This will maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and improve safety and profitability. Considering how sensitive your productivity depends on who works for you and their skills, you may need a partner to help you meet your needs and provide quality service.

We assess the skills of the workforce we put at your disposal by analyzing your needs and circumstances to know what you need when you need it and how much you need. Using our technical workforce to fill your current and near-term skill gaps assures you that the knowledge of world-class, properly trained technicians improves your oil and gas operations.

Manpower Middle East

The Middle East is a place with unlimited potential for any business and the need for manpower to support those businesses. The code of conduct is very important to us; therefore, all Eagle Trends administrative employees undergo mandatory annual training to maintain their approach to business ethics. These guidelines inspire the entire organization, and our whistleblower policy guarantees full accountability. Therefore, we assure you that our employees are better trained, better managed and better cared for than other suppliers. Every worker is aware that safety requirements are met.

This helps to improve their capacity and performance and also minimizes the risk of accidents on site. Our flexible, efficient and affordable hiring options include a wide range of categories available for short and long term jobs.

Manpower supply companies in Dubai specialities

Reliable Manpower Supply

We make sure to provide the best manpower services for your business, and we will never let you down.

Negotiable Rates

Provides a supply of skilled labour at negotiable hourly or monthly rates that are best in the business.

Ontime manpower supply Dubai

We provide the appropriate manpower according to the needs of our customers on time.

Health and Safety

Our staff are trained according to industry standards and thus contribute to a zero risk workplace.

Flexible Contracts

We provide a team of individuals who can perfectly meet your short and long term workforce needs.

Categories of manpower supply companies in Abu Dhabi

  • General helpers
  • Waiters
  • Office boys
  • Assistants
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Masons
  • Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Plumbers
  • Steel fixers
  • Light-duty drivers
  • Heavy-duty drivers
  • Mini-bus drivers
  • Heavy-bus drivers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Forklift operators
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Warehouse operators

Construction labour supply companies in Dubai

In recent years, the UAE has experienced tremendous growth in various sectors. Previously, the UAE economy was dominated by the petroleum and petroleum industry, but now UAE has emerged as one of the fast-growing economies offering opportunities to many sectors. The construction and civil engineering sector accounts for 10% of the UAE’s total GDP. There is a huge demand for labour in the construction industry, but it is always difficult to get skilled and quality manpower. We offer different types of short and long term labour supply services.

Mechanical labour supply in Dubai

The mechanical labour supply services project cannot meet the deadline, and you can use our labour supply services until the project is completed according to the project schedule. Our mechanical labour supply teams have many years of experience, and they can complete the job before the deadline.

Helper Manpower Supply

As the name suggests, the helpers help you complete tasks. We provide qualified and reliable help that will help you run any business. You can hire long term or short term assistants depending on your manpower needs.

We provide different kinds of auxiliary manpower¬†according to customers’ requirements. Before undertaking any work, we send an experienced project coordinator to the client’s site to understand the type of project and the essential skills required. This process is carried out to provide the supplied labour as per site requirements, ensuring that both parties complete the job properly without any scope of the dispute. We follow the proper procedure to examine each individual to provide a quality, skilled and reliable workforce. If you get a reliable workforce without wasting time, you can focus on business development, project completion, or other important work.

Logistics Manpower

Logistics Manpower helps logistics operators deliver their services by providing drivers, warehouse operators, inventory planners and forklift operators.

Hospitality Manpower

We help the hospitality industry by providing a full range of highly trained personnel, including front desk, housekeeping, and food and beverage staff.

Why choose Eagle Trends?

There is a list of manpower supply companies in Dubai, but we are one of the leading suppliers of contract staff in the UAE. Our experienced team has deployed workers to airports, seaports, logistics centres, construction sites, manufacturing facilities and outlets across the GCC, but our strength is not just in numbers. By offering end-to-end employment contracts, we ensure that each new hire receives health and safety training to international standards and internal technical training followed by regular updates.


Why are we investing in our staff? Because improving their skills and safeguarding their well-being results in a much more productive workforce and minimizes the risk of accidents on site. Simply put, our contract staff are better trained, better managed and better supported than any other. This has earned us industry-wide recognition for outstanding operational performance based on the priority of well-being and safety, and we wear this badge with honour.


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