Leaving Abu Dhabi local Moving? Eagle Trends, the UAE’s leading online marketplace for relocation services, recently analyzed thousands of international relocation applications made by UAE residents in 2019 to reveal the top 5 cities ex-pats move to. Abu Dhabi is the most renowned local destination, which is not surprising since UAE’s comprise the largest ex-pats in the UAE. This report can help you understand emerging trends in international movement and the average cost of transferring to these destinations. It also includes tips and factors to keep in mind when moving to another city.

Where do ex-pats settle in the United Arab Emirates?

Over 60% of the UAE population/residents have moved out to just 10 countries. Abu Dhabi is presently the most popular destination, with over 17% of all international relocation requests on Eagle Trends. It was the first country to expatriate to the UAE since 2017. Abu Dhabi was followed by the Al Ain and the Dubai, either of which has been on the list of top 3 local destinations since 2015. Other popular cities include Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah. The UAE workforce is mainly composed of expatriates from other cities, many of whom choose to return to their home cities.

Top 5 destinations  % of International Moving Requests on Eagle Trends in 2019
1.     Fujairah 7.10%
2.     Abu Dhabi 17.39%
3.    Ajman 3.33%
4.  Dubai 10.90%
5.     Al Ain 6.38%

What does it cost to local Moving to the following countries?

The shipping cost to another cityy depends on several factors, including the volume or weight of your belongings, the distance from your destination, and the type of transfer service you choose. Door-to-door services are more expensive than door-to-port and port-to-port services, but you won’t have to pack your bags or deal with customs paperwork with the first option.

Eagle Trends has calculated the average cost of shipping the contents of a two-bedroom apartment to the most popular international destinations by sea:

Top destinations Approximate shipping cost in AED for a 2 bedroom apartment

  • Abu Dhabi 11,000 – 12,0002.
  • Dubai 16,000 – 17,0003.
  • Ajman 21,000 – 22,0004.
  • Al Ain 20,000 – 21,0005.
  • Sharjah 12,000 – 13,0006.

Preferred local Moving Tips & Considerations

Only Hire  local Moving – To avoid hassles, delays, hidden costs and to ensure your belongings arrive at their destination in good condition, be sure to hire an accredited company.

Transit insurance is essential

Don’t skip on transit insurance when shipping your goods to another country. Your belongings are unlikely to be damaged or lost if you hire FIDI-accredited local movers and packers, but you still should not take risks and protect your belongings during transport. It’s also a great method to make the moving process less stressful and doesn’t worry. Personal belongings to get rid of unnecessary items.

Keep in mind that the shipping cost also depends on the size and weight of your belongings, so you should sell, give away, or throw away anything you can easily buy on

International Moving

ce it reaches your destination, e.g., furniture, appliances, etc.

Consider consolidated shipping –

you can reduce your moving costs by opting for consolidated shipping. Although this option saves you a lot of money, keep in mind that you will have to share the container with others and wait for it to be complete. You should definitely consider combined shipping for smaller moves and if you’re not short on time.

Never underestimate for local Moving comparison shopping

In addition to helping you save a lot of money, comparison shopping also makes it easier for you to find the most suitable local removals and packers. Make sure you get free quotes from several local moving companies and compare them in terms of cost and the services they offer.

You can efficiently find reputable international movers and packers in Dubai through Eagle Trends, which only works with affiliates. You can also check local moving company accreditations, compare ratings, get free quotes, and read customer reviews online at Eagle Trends to make an informed decision.

Finding local Moving in Dubai

Moving can be stressful, both locally and in the Emirates. As moving day approaches, you will feel the pressure of multiple activities building up. In this kind of a situation, the simplest solution is to entrust the move to experienced movers and packers who can easily local Moving all your belongings from your old home to your new one. You can get quotes and compare rates, reviews, and company profiles to select the moving company that meets your needs with just a tap.

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Peace of mind:

Hiring a moving cleaning company will guarantee you complete peace of mind. Reimbursed by the owner during the holidays.

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