Residential, office and commercial property owners often need repairs done, but not everyone has the time or skills to do them. It is handyman job to carry out those repairs as a handyman, so having a broad range of practical skills will prove useful when carrying out repairs or general maintenance on buildings. The work can include simple building maintenance to plumbing, painting, and gardening.

Experience required

No experience is required to become a handyman, although basic math and literacy skills are essential in reading and understanding instructions. However, you can acquire many different qualifications to prepare yourself better; Courses in safety and health, plastering, plumbing, carpentry, and general maintenance are all beneficial.

Depending on your role, as a homeowner or in a commercial setting as a janitor or general maintenance worker, other skills may come in handy:

  • Ability to solve-problem and adhere to safety and health guidelines
  • Ability to deal with other contractors or maintenance workers
  • Resourceful and self-motivated
  • Physically strong – able to work with machinery or move heavy equipment
  • Be flexible
  • Able to resolve complaints quickly and efficiently
  • Able to work in a team
  • Good communication skills

Day in the life of a handyman

handyman job

The day-to-day work of a handyman is highly varied and can mean painting a wall one day and fixing a central heating system the next. It ultimately depends on where you work, but some of your regular tasks may include: Replacing light bulbs and keeping other appliances and accessories running Wiring, replacing fuses, junction boxes, etc. Minor plumbing and carpentry work Clearing or cleaning general areas Moving furniture or equipment Assembling furniture or equipment Setting up and maintaining gardens/landscapes Trail maintenance Painting and decorating Clearing gutters Replacing air conditioning filters Maintaining the exterior of the building during the different seasons Repairing windows or doors

What Jobs are done by a handyman?

Here are some of the jobs described below that the handyman usually does. Hire today Eagle trends to take care of your home offices etc., for these services.

Handyman job: Leaking Plumbing

Our handyman can repair all leaks. This includes leaks under sinks, showers, toilets, washing machines, or refrigerators. The faster you deal with these casualties, the less lasting damage you will take.

Light Fixture

Installing a chandelier or a new light a handyman will do it, as playing with wires is dangerous for you, we have a professional handyman how can do the light work professionally,

Drywall Repair

When living in the house, you will find many dents after some time; it can be by removing an old frame or with some other we Eagle Trends handyman are here in Dubai to help you.

Handyman job: Fresh Coat of Paint

As the season changes, your paint fades, or you are bored of your old paint color. These professional handymen will achieve crisp lines and even color throughout the project. Moreover, the best part; you won’t have to spend hours prepping the area to get this look! Instead, you can enjoy the whole new space in your home!

Flooring Improvements

Replacing an entire floor is an expensive and time-consuming hassle that can often be avoided with simple repairs. Everyday life can make floors look old and need refinishing. Furniture and shoes can cause dents or bumps that can turn into splinters, which will become holes and missing pieces.

Carpets can loosen and stretch over time.

All of these things are susceptible to being handled by a handyman. They can fix the problem for you, saving you from having to replace the entire floor

If the problem is too big for the handyman, they will also recommend a more qualified professional to help you move forward.

Handyman job: Door Repair

As with flooring, routine activities in a home can damage doors. They often look like dents or scratches on the door itself, easily handled on their own.

However, often, it’s something a little more serious, perhaps with the hinges and hardware.

If a door is closed incorrectly too often, it can cause such damage that it no longer closes properly. A professional handyman will manage to assess the situation to determine the condition.

They might be able to repair the door while it is still in place. Or they may have to remove the door and hang it up to put it back in the correct position. Once repaired, your door should perform well for years to come!

Replacing the tiles

The tiles are designed to be solid and durable. That’s why many people use it in high traffic areas of their homes. The downside of using tiles is that when damaged, they are apparent and cannot be hidden very well. The surface gets bigger and bigger until you miss a big shot.

However, there is good news about damaged tiles. The solution is usually not very difficult or expensive.

This is especially true when you hire a handyman to do the job. Be able to remove damaged tiles and replace them without further damaging surrounding areas. These skills can be applied to all types of tiles; floors, backsplashes, or showers. Get those areas back to pristine condition quickly and efficiently.

Handyman job: Furniture assembly

Most people don’t think that following gibberish instructions to put together a new piece of furniture sounds like a good relaxing after-work activity. Yet, furniture assembly is the most forgotten handyman services.

Don’t hesitate to buy new furniture, because no handyman service company can assemble the type of furniture you need, including beds, bookcases, desks or tables. They can also help you assemble lockers or other more permanent fixtures in your home.

Another advantage of having help assemble the furniture is that the handyman will arrange it in the correct position. No more furniture that moves centimeter by centimeter! Cut one of the most frustrating tasks off your list and hire a handyman!

Smart Appliance Setup

Sometimes these devices require work to put them in place permanently, such as fitting an intelligent doorbell. A handyman can be hired to handle all the installation and configuration you would need

Even skilled handymen may be able to connect your smart devices to make things even more convenient for your daily use.

So, we, as Eagle Trends, are here at your service. Schedule and book your appointment today with us to acquire excellent handyman services from us!


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