Eagle Trends Professional TV Wall Mount Installation:

Eagle Trends Professional TV Wall Mount Installation.

If you’re in need of TV wall mount installation services, Eagle Trends can help. Our team of professionals can assist you in choosing the right type of mount for your TV. Whether it’s a fixed amount, tilting mount, or full-motion mount. Find out more about our services and how we can help you enhance your viewing experience.

Fixed Wall Mounts.[bookly-cancellation-confirmation]

Fixed wall mounts are the most basic type of TV wall mount installation services and are ideal for those who want a simple and affordable option. As the name suggests, these mounts keep your TV fixed in one position and do not allow for any movement or adjustments. They are best suited for TVs that will be viewed from a single location, such as a bedroom or living room. Fixed wall mounts are also great for those who want to save space and keep their TV flush against the wall.

Tilting Wall Mounts.

If you want a little more flexibility with your TV viewing experience, a tilting wall mount may be the right choice for you. These mounts allow you to adjust the angle of your TV up or down, which can be helpful. If you need to reduce glare or if you want to watch TV from a higher or lower position. Tilting wall mounts are also a good option if you need to access the back of your TV for cable or cord management. However, they are typically more expensive than fixed wall mounts and may require a bit more effort to install.

Full-Motion Wall Mounts.

Full-motion wall mounts, also known as articulating mounts, offer the most flexibility when it comes to TV viewing. These mounts allow you to adjust the angle of your TV up, down, left, and right. As well as pull it away from the wall and push it back in. This is a great option if you want to be able to watch TV from multiple angles. Or if you need to adjust the viewing angle based on the time of day or lighting in the room. However, full-motion wall mounts are typically the most expensive option and may require professional installation.

Ceiling Mounts.

Ceiling mounts are a great option if you have limited wall space or if you want to create a unique viewing experience. With a ceiling mount, you can position your TV in the center of the room or above a fireplace. However, ceiling mounts can be difficult to install and may require professional assistance. Additionally, they may not be suitable for larger or heavier TVs, so it’s important to check the weight limit before purchasing.

Outdoor Mounts.

If you want to enjoy your TV outside, an outdoor mount is the perfect solution. These mounts are designed to withstand the elements and protect your TV from rain, wind, and other weather conditions. Outdoor mounts can be installed on walls, poles, or even trees, depending on your preference. However, it’s important to choose a mount that is compatible with your TV size and weight. Ensure that it is securely installed to prevent any accidents or damage. Contact Eagle Trends TV Wall Mount Installation Services… BOOK NOW  


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