Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai is among the most delicate pieces of furniture used to decorate the homes, offices and other places. But rugs and rugs collect all the dirt and germs that get into your homes, through shoes, and by pets. Thus causing indoor air pollution and respiratory problems.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai

An ordinary vacuum cleaner Dubai is not enough to remove dirt and germs hidden inside the carpet. It requires a professional company like us, Eagle Trends. We at Eagle Trends provide professional carpet cleaning services in Dubai at the best price.

It is essential to clean your rugs to improve your home or office and your health. Your carpet will be more beautiful and softer to the touch. In addition, our carpet cleaning and disinfection service will improve indoor air circulation and the air quality in your home.

We will eliminate carpet odors by neutralizing them at their source, rather than just covering up the smell. Leave your carpet fresh and clean. At Eagle Trends, our carpet cleaners in Dubai will remove all dust mites and germs from the carpet. Stains and dirt will quickly protect your carpet from damage. This whole process will extend the life of your carpet.

Our working

First, we will check your carpet and then use the proper carpet cleaning in Dubai method. Shampooing and disinfecting carpets is the most popular, safest, and most effective technique. We use German-made Kärcher technology for this.

With this technology, all kinds of dirt and stains are removed with a vacuum cleaner and shampoo. Your carpet will be dry and chemical-free after the process. We restore the freshness and condition of the carpet without any odor. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Inspection: Our carpet cleanerwill inspect the carpet at the customer’s premises. Our team will check the pieces on the carpet floor and identify stains and soils on them. They will try to find out the intensity of the stains during the inspection.
  • Pre-cleaning: The second step is to remove as much furniture as possible. We take the moving walkways to the free space and clean them there so that you can be more comfortable in the living room.
  • Vacuuming: Our team will remove any soil, sand, or dirt on the surface by vacuuming the carpet. It will give you the best results.
  • Spot treatment: We remove all the spots and stains that we have identified before. A cleanser is applied to any stains that require additional care to loosen the stain.
  • Carpet shampooing: We will then use the German-made Kärcher shampoo machine for thorough cleaning of the carpets. First, the device applies shampoo to the carpet to remove dirt deep inside the fibers. Second, it will extract the shampoo and remove the dirt from the carpet.
  • Suction:The machine will remove the remaining water and dirt from the carpet by the strong suction and makes it dry quickly.
  • Final Inspection:We perform the final carpet inspection to ensure the best result and customer satisfaction.

Steam cleaning in Dubai

Our carpet cleaning service company also provides steam cleaning. For individuals and families struggling with allergies or sensitivities to odors, steam cleaning may be the best way to deep clean or locate clean rugs in the home.

The water vapor produced is odorless and effectively kills bacteria, and lifts dirt that contributes to other bothersome odors. Unlike sprays and dry cleaners, steam cleaning a carpet does not inject substances that leave residue on the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning is an effective and efficient way to remove the buildup of carpet fibers, including mold and animal odors. It is also effective in improving the appearance of rugs that have been neglected over time.

The therapeutic effects are almost always visible in high traffic areas, such as on hallway rugs where pedestrian traffic creates a time-compressed “path.” When all other attempts at cleaning fail, steam cleaning is often a “last resort” solution that will work. Steam cleaning injects moisture into the carpet fibers but contains less water than if you hand wash the carpet to sanitize and refresh it.

Why can’t homemade cleaning help?

  • The carpet stays damp, starts to rot and mold because the cleaners arriving at your house have no drying equipment.
  • Small portable equipment carried in a car cannot remove dust from the carpet. It just does not have enough power.
  • At home, it is impossible to wash the carpet on both sides and therefore altogether remove detergents. It can cause skin diseases.

Why choose us?

We use proven technology to remove dirt, stains, and allergens. This achieves the best possible results. In addition, the smell that spreads in your home is eliminated and neutralized after cleaning. We prevent further damage as it protects against wear. It is perfectly safe for children and pets.

Above all, a powerful vacuum cleaner sucks up all the water from the carpet, leaving a minimum of humidity. Therefore, it will be dried in a short time. Here are the general details of our carpet cleaning process:

  • Carpet shampoo
  • Stain and Watermark Removal
  • Carpet Sanitation
  • Carpet Deodorization
  • Prevention of Potential Contaminants
  • Carpet Encapsulation
  • Green Cleaning
  • Obtaining Carpet Care

We clean and disinfect all types of carpets such as Persian, Synthetics, Wool, and Silk. We recommend that everyone clean their carpet at least once a year. Book our affordable carpet & rugs, shampoo, and cleaning services if you think your carpet is dirty and needs cleaning. Book carpet cleaning now. Rest easy knowing you are receiving one of the best carpet cleanings Dubai has to offer.

Why are we the best carpet cleaning company in UAE?

Expertise through our operations in the UAE and overseas, we have worked with various equipment suppliers, tested multiple shampoos, and viewed thousands of different rugs. In addition to constant contributions from global experts, we have built solid internal expertise that guarantees quality.

The equipment we have invested in is the best professional equipment in the world. From dusting to drying, the process is fully automated, which excludes any human intervention.

Other consumables we use a wide range of consumables: several types of shampoo, color brightener, deodorant, etc., all carefully selected and tested to clean well while being gentle on carpets and safe for humans. All of our business processes are built around the customer. From placing your order, to the collection, to delivery, we strive to impress with our service.


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