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Are You Finding Local Movers In Abu Dhabi?

Moving can be stressful, both for local movers and in the Emirates. As moving day approaches, you will feel the pressure of multiple activities building up. In this situation, the simplest solution is to entrust the move to experienced local movers and packers who can easily move all your belongings from your old home to your new one. You can compare and get quotes reviews, and company profiles to select the moving company that meets your needs with just a tap. Contact With EAGLE TRENDS

How local moving works- 7 Steps process!

  1. We’ve partnered with the best companies in Abu Dhabi to give you the service you deserve.
  2. Describe the moving service you need.
  3. We’ll match your request with the moving companies in Abu Dhabi that can best meet your request.
  4. Receive the free quotes and select a mover.
  5. Receive quotes from verified and professional companies.
  6. Compare rates, reviews, and credentials before hiring someone.
  7. Sit back and relax.

Moving to Abu Dhabi!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the long list of things to do when moving to Abu Dhabi. From packing items to moving into the right rooms of your new home and then unpacking everything, there are many difficult steps in the process. The easiest way to make the moving process hassle-free is to find and connect with the best local movers in Abu Dhabi on Eagle Trends.

How can Eagle Trends help you with the relocation process?

With Eagle Trends, you can get up to 5 free quotes from multiple companies, compare prices, and read genuine customer reviews. Via such a process, you will be able to decide the best moving company for your needs. Over 75 movers and packers have worked with Eagle Trends.

We have the experience and resources necessary for the job. We only work with vetted, licensed, and best companies, so you don’t have to deal with any hidden issues, delays, damages, or fees, and you can rest easy.

What to expect when moving to Abu Dhabi

First of all, the company you have hired staff will survey the items you wish to bring to finalize the rate and ensure that your needs are met. Noted on the day of the move, they dismantle the objects and pack them. Then they will transport them to your new home in a secure moving truck. Once there, they will unpack and reassemble everything unless you prefer to do it yourself

Ensure to allow plenty of time, at least 1 day for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment and 23 days for more significant moves. The company you hire will help you through the process, and we are always ready to answer any questions you may have!

How much does it cost to hire a local mover in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of moving or furniture depends on the volume of your belongings and the moving company you hire. You can expect to pay AED 900 for a studio and 5,000,600 for a villa. However, keep in mind that the actual cost will depend on several factors, such as the volume of your goods and the services you require. For example, there may be additional costs if the movers climb stairs.

There may also be additional costs for unique packaging materials. Some moving companies offer exceptional service, such as creating checklists for their customers and ensuring that everything is unpacked in the same place, all at a higher cost. Let us know what kind and level of service you are looking for, and we will get quotes from the most suitable moving companies in Abu Dhabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that clients commonly ask.

1.    How much does it cost to move locally to Abu Dhabi?

For a standard move in Abu Dhabi, prices generally fall within the following ranges:

  • Studio Apartment: AED 1000-1200
  • 1 BR Apartment: AED 1200-1400
  • 2 BR Apartment: AED 1800-2000

We have cheap moving companies as partners for clients specifically looking for affordable removals. Our customers can also request quotes from various local moving companies in Abu Dhabi to compare prices and service levels.

2.    How do I choose the local moving company?

By using Eagle Trends’ utterly free service, you will receive up to 5 quotes from professional moving companies in Abu Dhabi. With each quote, you will be able to see the complete profile of the company (year of creation, size of the company, and its certifications) as well as their cumulative evaluation from hundreds of movements made on the Eagle Trends platform. Compare companies based on their quotes, certifications, and ratings, and choose the company of your choice.

3.    Is it cheap to move into the same building?

Yes, part of the cost of providing a moving service is related to the truck transporting the goods. If your new accommodation is in the same building, you should expect a slightly lower price. Keep in mind that moving between buildings close to each other is not cheaper, as the local moving company still needs to book a truck on a moving day.

4.    What is the best time to move?

For villas and large apartments, we recommend that you start looking for a business 2-4 weeks before your move. This will allow enough time for our partners to examine your home, discuss the details of your requirements with you and provide you with a competitive quote.

For apartments up to 3 bedrooms, we recommend you contact us 1-3 weeks in advance unless you have something in the house that needs special care (think a large aquarium or a piano). We can often assist our customers on short notice, in some cases even with same-day requests. In these cases, your options may be limited. To avoid stress, please let us know in advance!

5.    Is it possible to find a local mover same day?

In many cases, we can help our customers who need to transport their goods at short notice. That said, same-day moves are subject to availability, and there are no guarantees. To inquire about short-term moving services, call our team to discuss your move over the phone. Click Here To BOOK NOW


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