Inspiring Accent Wall Design Ideas for Every Room in the Home

Do you really want to give a new look to the interiors of your home in Abu Dhabi on a budget? Consider painting an accent wall design idea or two! Accent wall Design Ideas can instantly and dramatically change the look of a room. Whether you want to add a bold pop of color or create a soothing look, an accent wall is an affordable and flexible option. Since you’re not painting the whole piece, it’s also easy to restore or modify later. Ready to start? Be sure to heed this list of do’s and don’ts from the home paint experts at Eagle Trends.

Accent wall design ideas

Accent wall Design Ideas provide great opportunities to experiment with textures, shapes, colors, and patterns. Also known as accent walls, they give a quick and easy way to brighten up a space, and, depending on the material chosen, they can be very inexpensive. Feature walls can make a big impact, but they don’t need to be. Sometimes a pattern can inject just the right amount of interest into a room without overwhelming the space.

Do and Don’t of Accent wall Painting in Dubai:


So, Whether you want a big change or a subtle update, a feature wall may be just what you need. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.

Here’s the list of the things you have to do.

Complementary colors are great

Make sure the pattern or color you choose complements with the rest of the room. Choosing a bold or bright color can be great, but only if it suits the rest of the room. Being bold just for the sake of daring is never a good idea.

Choose the right accent wall design ideas

Opt for accent wall design ideas to define a living space. Defining zones in an open-concept home or mixed-use space can be challenging, but an accent wall can help. For example, a feature wall to highlight the dining area in a living/dining room can help.

Think about your design goals. Accent walls can be ideal for showcasing architectural features like an antique fireplace or bay window. Alternatively, you can use it as a backdrop to showcase furniture. Avoid painting already messy walls, such as those covered with shelves. If you have an open floor plan, you can use an accent wall to divide spaces like the living and dining rooms.

Update room with paint:

Choose a paint when you want an easy and affordable way to update your space without making a big commitment. There’s no limit to the designs you can create with paint, and it’s the easiest material to change if you choose or want to try something different.

Consider the Ambiance of the Room

Whether you decide to be bold or stick with a neutral hue, make sure the color doesn’t contrast with the rest of the room. The accent wall should be an interesting focal point in the room, not an eyesore. Accent walls generally work best when the other walls are a neutral gray or beige rather than a deep white. Also, adding an accent wall can create an overwhelming look if a room is already overcrowded with color (furniture, etc.).

Think Outside the Box for accent wall design ideas

Don’t you just want to paint a wall one color? You can choose from a range of design options such as geometric patterns or stripes and special paints, including metallic, sandstone, or suede. If you’re feeling particularly sporty, fun, or adventurous, you can opt for an accent ceiling and pops of color on the fifth wall of your bedroom. Your imagination only limits you!


Be afraid of bright or neutral colors .

Express your individuality and opt for fiery red if that’s the color you really want. Bright colors can add warmth and energy to a room. It’s also an effective way to make a small space seem bigger – otherwise, don’t rate neutrals as boring. A dark gray, navy blue, or dark brown can add a soothing look to your room by providing just the right pop of color.

Find your focal point for accent wall design ideas:

Don’t opt randomly for a wall to highlight. The accent/feature wall should be used to highlight the existing focal point of the room. For example, accent wall living room

Accent walls ideas for living room

The wall where the fireplace is, or even where the TV is, is a good wall feature. Accent wall bedroom. The wall behind your headboard in a bedroom is also great. The fact is that the eye must be drawn to a point. And if the feature wall is somewhere other than the focal area, the eye will have nowhere to rest. Let the architecture of the room be your guide.

Help a small room:

Avoid putting an accent wall in a small room. It will just make it look smaller. If you want a pattern or bold color in a small room, it’s best to cover all the walls. Go big or go home.

Do it in the right room:

Don’t go for one wall because you’re afraid to associate an entire room with a particular color or pattern. While this is a great option if you think the color or pattern will be too overwhelming for the whole room, you shouldn’t do it out of fear. A feature wall should not be a consolation prize; it should be a highlight.

Paint without testing

Paint a small spot on the wall to see if that’s the look you have in mind. Maybe the shade was perfect online or in-store, but it just doesn’t work for you at home. Painting a small area is much easier than redoing an entire wall if you change your mind later.

Avoid Crowded Rooms:

Avoid putting an accent/feature wall in an already crowded room. When there’s too much to do in a space, it can be confusing to the eyes and create a sense of chaos. An accent/feature wall should be a highlight, so it needs room to breathe decorative accent walls

Use mixed materials for accent wall design ideas:

Don’t fall into this trap of thinking paint and wallpaper aren’t your only options. You can also create feature walls with reclaimed tile, stone, and wood, to name a few.

Don’t be afraid of wallpaper –

so many people shy away from decorating with wallpaper because they don’t want to have to remove it eventually, but there are plenty of detachable options that are easy to remove when the time comes.

Exclude other materials

Wallpaper, wood, tile, and brick can also be used to create a beautiful custom look. You can even make a photo montage and create a feature wall from family memories. However, keep in mind that painting is the easiest and cheapest option, and it’s quick, and you can just paint over it whenever you want a different look.


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