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Living in Dubai, you need to book maintenance services regularly to keep your house in good condition. Now the question is, who can help you achieve this? Your Handyman, of course! It’s your glittering knight of armor that can help you tidy up everything in your house. Thanks to Eagle Trends, you can get the best all-rounder in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with just a few clicks. So don’t wait much longer and have your home repaired in the blink of an eye!


If you wonder what kind of services these qualified people can provide for you, read on and get to know yourself. Although they can help you with different tasks. Here we are with a list of 5 things you can book it for in the UAE.

5 services a handyman in Dubai can provide you the following that is described below:

5-Handyman Services Near Me Can Provide You With
Eagle Trends Handyman Services


Although water is a basic necessity for everyone. Too much water in the face of leaking pipes and faucets is devastating. Hence, you need a handyman to do the job because handling it by yourself is pretty tiring and frustrating. Skilled at repairing sanitary lines, installing plumbing fixtures, and identifying. Also repairing leaks, a plumber can take all the stress off your back in no time.


Installing and repairing all your electrical systems to light your home can do it all. All of these things need to be done by a professional because one, it’s dangerous, and two, it’s pretty technical. So good hands are what this particular job requires. Therefore, be careful and do not try anything electrical on your own.


Woodworking Carving a dining table for your family requires specific tools and machinery might already have. So why spend on those drills and saws? When you can hire a pro to use the ones they already have to your advantage?

With the right experience, a carpenter can shape a piece of wood into any shape you want. You can ask him to make tables, chairs, cabinets, doors, etc. It can carve your wood as you wish, whether in high or low relief. Then have a handyman do all the woodworking in your space, giving it a rustic, Nordic vibe.

Furniture assembly

Now that you’ve turned those pieces of wood into woody candy. You need to think about this ready-made Ikea furniture. How do you put them together and put them into perspective? Well, a handyman is also available for this job! Whether you want to assemble newly purchased furniture or disassemble old ones. A professional can help you do it at lightning speed. So why should you waste any of your time and energy when you can hire someone? Who is trained to do it?


Once you have moved into a new house, you don’t want people breaking in uninvited. So, for your safety and that of your valuables. You must hire a locksmith to install all the locks and provide you with keys that can only let you in.

Plus, if you lose or forget your keys inside the house. You can always call a handyman and have your locks changed or get a new pair of keys. So ignore all these incidents by hiring a locksmith!

Final Takeaway

Moreover, to the services mentioned above, there are many other things a handyman can do. Whether it’s the exterior of your home or the interior. He can handle and fix it all there to do the respective job in no time. If you want dedicated professionals to provide first-class craftsmanship at your service. You can hire a handyman in Dubai through the city’s best service provider, Eagle Trends. So, what are you waiting for? Organize everything in your home and give your family a neat, clean space to thrive in!

Eagle Trends offers you the best handyman services near you in Dubai. To keep your apartment, villa, office, and warehouse running smoothly. We also carry out stylistic layouts and all types of repairs and repair work. Our company Eagle Trends offers you an extensive and practical assortment of housekeeping with dedication, reliability, and responsibility. Our experienced carpenter, electrician, and plumber are available 24/7 for emergency services anywhere in Dubai. We have a clogged drain cleaning expert for restaurants and villas. HVAC chiller central air conditioner repair.

Expert Handyman

Eagle Trends‘ primary aim is to provide you with top Handyman Service.

Affordable Price

We provide professional services at a reasonable price.

24/7 Services

Our Expert Plumber & Electrician serve you round the clock.

Hourly Price

Our Handyman Company also offers you an hourly basis price.

YES! We are a local Handyman

Eagle Trends is one of the best housekeeping companies in Dubai. We have Local Handyman accessible in virtually all areas of Dubai. We have a committed team for all networks in Dubai, whether you are a business person. Running your own office, or looking for services for home use. Then you can call What’s App for a quick response, and we will send a team of local handymen to your home. We offer 24/7 customer support, which means you can call us 24/7 for any Handyman emergency help with any problem you may have in your home.

24/7 Emergency Handyman Services near me

Eagle Trends provides you with a 24/7 emergency handyman. Whether you need a plumber to repair water heater leaks and clear the blocked drain. Also an emergency electrician for a short circuit or tripped circuit breaker problem, and the HVAC or AC chiller not cooling. You can visit our website or contact us. Our Handyman will be available 24 hours a day to help you. You don’t have to worry if it’s day or night because we are available on-site.

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