Move Out Painting Dubai, Apartment Painting in Abu Dhabi

Landlords often request that vacant apartments and villas be delivered in the move out painting Dubai in good condition. Part of this is about the apartment painting Dubai job, and it’s always best to have it professionally done to avoid poor-quality paint jobs. Before moving to a new space, it is advisable to contact a competent moving and relocation company to leave the walls with a great look and the flawless finish it deserves.

Move Out Painting Dubai

This takes your hassle out and allows you to spend more time on other essential areas like cleaning and packing your essentials. At Eagle Trends, we offer a range of professional moving and apartment painting services in Dubai for tenants to make the overall moving process easier for you. Our skilled painters use quality brushes and rollers to evenly distribute the paint over all walls, giving it the finish you want for your home.

We are committed to bringing back a newly built family atmosphere, thus increasing its value and charm. With us, you don’t have to worry about the prices because Eagle Trends guarantee that all our painting services are available at the most competitive rates in the market.

We believe in providing reliable service at affordable prices and are ready to do what we can for our customers. Whether you have a studio, an apartment, or a three-bedroom villa, our experts are there to support you in your needs. Make an appointment based on your availability, and we’ll get back to you.

How We work


Before starting our painting service, our team will have all furniture removed and covered with plastic to ensure complete protection. We will also remove any cracks or smooth any uneven surfaces on the walls, keeping it ready to start the process.

painting services Dubai 

The second step is to apply a primer to the walls. The primer is applied before painting as it helps bring out a vibrant finish and a more even appearance.

Cleaning and Disposal

The last part of the painting process is moving indoors and involves cleaning up the paint job. Our team will clean up any paint drops that may be spilled on the floor and leave the site as Move Out Painting Dubai as possible.

Scope of work 

  • Repair of damage
  • Holes and filing of nails
  • Sanding surface
  • Apply double-layer varnish
  • All furniture and floor protection with film

What’s included in painting services in Dubai

The owners ask that the vacant apartments and villas be delivered in good condition. Part of this is that the painting needs to be done. It is always better to hire a professional painter to avoid poor-quality paint jobs. Eagle Trends professionally deals with painting services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Our moving painting services are competitively priced. Contact us now for a free quote.

Apartment painting services offered

  • Painting for the studio
  • Painting for a one-bedroom apartment
  • Two-bedroom painting apartment
  • Three-bedroom painting apartment
  • Four-bedroom painting apartment
  • Five-bedroom painting apartment
  • Six-bedroom painting apartment

Villa painting service Dubai

  • Two-bedroom painting villa
  • Three-bedroom painting villa
  • Four-bedroom painting villa
  • Five-bedroom painting villa
  • Six-bedroom Villa Painting

The Cost of Painting

  • The Move You can have a studio repainted white or off-white for a bit of the amount of AED 550.
  • For a one-bedroom apartment, you have to pay between AED 750 and AED 850.
  • If you also want to paint your ceilings, an additional charge of AED 125 + per ceiling will be added.

Why We’re a Great Place for Wall Painting Service

The need for the perfect wall painting service changes from location to location and requires a robust approach to deliver a stunning result. Offices, stores, apartments, and villas, each location requires a different approach and a mural painting option that the company should understand when designing the service facility.

Eagle Trends is one of those painting companies in Dubai that has learned to paint walls fascinatingly; that is why our clients choose us for painting services in Dubai. A business can only gain the trust of its customers by adding versatility to the service structure. We offer:

  • Versatile texture options
  • Quality paint products
  • Expert painters
  • Attention to detail

All Move Out Painting Dubai

Having a knowledgeable team of wall painting experts is an advantage for a company offering wall painting services in Dubai, as painters are the closest point of contact between you. And management, and you can contact them directly along the way. You want your walls painted. Eagle Trends invests its resources and energy in the workforce employed for each mural job to achieve superior quality results from the paint job. We have learned the secret to becoming the best painting company in Dubai by hiring the best wall painters who never waste a spot when painting the walls. Our experts can paint houses and apartments on

  • All shapes
  • All sizes
  • Interiors
  • Exteriors

Villa Move Out Painting Dubai

We offer villa painting services in real estate to decorate villas according to their unique ideas and thoughts. Visual concepts and colorful techniques create our paintings. Our professionals are always committed to providing top-notch services at affordable prices. To ensure our top quality, we offer:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • creative design
  • clean workspaces
  • affordable prices

Are you looking for fantastic home Move Out Painting Dubai services in Dubai?

The interior of your home can motivate you to work hard and be stress-free. A decorated and colorful house is a place that is the most exciting place to live when it comes to hiring a person or a business, especially when you want a guaranteed job. Don’t worry about getting the services; we offer whitewashing services with unique variations and ideas, and we always focus on the right equipment. Always ready to do it.

Designing our house is very simple, but it is far from achieving professional results. To get impeccable painting in your apartments, take our move-out painting Dubai in 2022.

Why Choose Us

We are one of the trusted wall painting service providers in Dubai with experience in residential and commercial painting jobs. We have established our company as a pioneer of advanced mural painting service providers to focus on quality rather than messy painting. When you choose us for your painting services, you guarantee that your walls would be an example of a good paint job.

Eagle Trends is the best painting company in Dubai, and our mural painting services have been designed to give you:

  • Quick planning
  • Affordable prices
  • Versatile plans
  • Advanced tools

If you plan to move out painting, you need to hire Eagle Trends, who knows how to adorn walls with versatile color combinations. Call now for the best mural painting services in Dubai and make an appointment.


Best Painting Company in Dubai, Painting Companies in Abu Dhabi

Best Painting Company In Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Living in a desert, the colors of the walls tend to change very quickly with extreme exposure to the sun. Finding and calling companies, getting quotes, and scheduling time for a painting project are stressful and time-consuming. Eagle Trends can connect you with a wide selection of reputable painters and painting companies in Dubai to provide the best interior and exterior painting, apartment painting, and villa painting services. There is no need to worry about the Best Painting Company in Dubai as we make sure that all of our suppliers are licensed and qualified.

Planning a New Look for Your Home Best Painting Company in Dubai

It’s an exciting process, especially choosing different color and paint combinations for the rooms in your home. However, actual painting may not be an exciting prospect for everyone. the person you hire to do the job has the skills, tools, and experience to do the job! It can be quite frustrating having to hire another person to fix a failed paint job.

The Color Difference Can Create

Beautiful colors in a room can add a touch of the exotic, especially when done tastefully. Adding a characteristic wall to a room can completely transform the room’s atmosphere and bring all the decorative elements together. According to color psychology, colors also have an effect on the mood of the inhabitants of a house. Blue, for example, has a calming effect and should be used in a bedroom to create an environment conducive to sleep.

Choosing the Right Best Painting Company in Dubai 

Choosing between matte and gloss paint for your room is just as important as choosing the right paint color. You can choose from a variety of gloss, satin, or matte finishes. Generally, the higher the value of paint gloss is high. , more durable and more durable has the advantage of being easier to clean! Carefully consider the function of the room before choosing a paint finish.

Popular Color Palettes for Best Painting Company in Dubai

We offer the best painting services in Dubai. We are fortunate to have 365 days of sunshine, and summer color palettes inspire many homes. Light and airy colors make rooms feel larger and more welcoming, while brighter colors are perfect in rooms where guests are often entertained. Eagle Trends offers a range of painting services available from reputable contractors in Dubai that can be booked with one click or one button to help you get the look you want.

Best Painting Company in Dubai

There are several painting companies in Dubai, but finding the best one can be difficult. To save you time, we have analyzed hundreds of reviews of famous Dubai painters left by Eagle Trends clients to select the 5 best painting companies in Dubai. The list below includes the 5 paint companies in Dubai with the best reviews based on real-time customer feedback.

Top 5 Best Painting Companies in Dubai:

Here are the following best painters in Dubai.

1. Eagle Trends (Rating 4.9/5)

Eagle Trends offers you a platform where you have access to the best painting company in Dubai. Customers have the option of choosing a business for themselves or having Eagle Trends select one for them. You can get painting contractors in Dubai. Click, and you can get quotes from the best painting companies in Dubai. To book a painter from Eagle Trends, get in touch with us.

2. Blue Amber Technical Services LLC (rated 4.87/5)

Blue Amber Technical Services has been on the Eagle Trends dashboard for a long time. They are known to provide interior and exterior painting services with great attention to detail. With a very active and knowledgeable team, they have kept their customers satisfied and happy.

Customer Reviews: “I couldn’t have asked for more. The crew was exceptionally detail-oriented, going above and beyond what I asked for. Plus, when I thought they had completed some of the work, they corrected me, stating that they still needed to paint the second coat. This response showed me that they were more interested in honesty and integrity than getting home early or saving a dirham Thank you, Blue Amber. To book Blue Amber technical services on Eagle Trends, click here.

3. Pro Hands Technical Services LLC (Rating 4.94/ 5)

Pro Hands has a very knowledgeable and experienced team and excellent customer service, ensuring that they make every customer interaction pleasant and fruitful.

Customer review: “I had three rooms repainted in addition to the kitchen countertop, and the guys were very professional, taking care of each piece of furniture and covering it well. They did a flawless job, their supervisor was always with them to watch every detail, and they completed the job in two days, making sure to take pictures before starting any existing bumps, so they weren’t claimed for it.

4. Glitter Diamond Technical Services LLC (Rating 4.67/ 5)

Having served over 4000 clients in a short period of time, Glitter Diamond Technical Services, while relatively new, has managed to set itself apart with its high level of on-site professionalism during its job.

Customer review: “They did a great job. Professional painters covered well before starting and cleaned everything up after work. To book Glitter Diamond technical services on Eagle Trends, click here.

5. Wellcare Cleaning and Technical Services (Rating 4.63/5)

Wellcare is one of the best painting companies in Dubai. She specializes in painting and works commercially with clients such as Emirates. It operates on the principles of professionalism, ensuring that every client is satisfied with their work.

Customer review: “Excellent service and communication. The painter did a great job, left everything spotlessly clean, and was very professional. I would recommend their services and hire them again. To book Wellcare cleaning and technical services on Eagle Trends, click here.

People often underestimate the impact that a new coat of paint can have on a home! Not only can it brighten up your rooms, but it can also transform your mood! If this year’s color themes have inspired you, then you probably are looking for professional painting services in Dubai with the best painting company in Dubai.

You should also consider reading some of our guides before you start painting your home. If you are looking for a reputable painter, look no further. On Eagle Trends, you can find professional and licensed painting companies in Dubai with just a few clicks. You can get multiple quotes from Dubai painters or book a painter instantly!

Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai, Vacuum Cleaner Dubai Eagles Trends 

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai is among the most delicate pieces of furniture used to decorate the homes, offices and other places. But rugs and rugs collect all the dirt and germs that get into your homes, through shoes, and by pets. Thus causing indoor air pollution and respiratory problems.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Dubai

An ordinary vacuum cleaner Dubai is not enough to remove dirt and germs hidden inside the carpet. It requires a professional company like us, Eagle Trends. We at Eagle Trends provide professional carpet cleaning services in Dubai at the best price.

It is essential to clean your rugs to improve your home or office and your health. Your carpet will be more beautiful and softer to the touch. In addition, our carpet cleaning and disinfection service will improve indoor air circulation and the air quality in your home.

We will eliminate carpet odors by neutralizing them at their source, rather than just covering up the smell. Leave your carpet fresh and clean. At Eagle Trends, our carpet cleaners in Dubai will remove all dust mites and germs from the carpet. Stains and dirt will quickly protect your carpet from damage. This whole process will extend the life of your carpet.

Our working

First, we will check your carpet and then use the proper carpet cleaning in Dubai method. Shampooing and disinfecting carpets is the most popular, safest, and most effective technique. We use German-made Kärcher technology for this.

With this technology, all kinds of dirt and stains are removed with a vacuum cleaner and shampoo. Your carpet will be dry and chemical-free after the process. We restore the freshness and condition of the carpet without any odor. The steps involved are as follows:

  • Inspection: Our carpet cleanerwill inspect the carpet at the customer’s premises. Our team will check the pieces on the carpet floor and identify stains and soils on them. They will try to find out the intensity of the stains during the inspection.
  • Pre-cleaning: The second step is to remove as much furniture as possible. We take the moving walkways to the free space and clean them there so that you can be more comfortable in the living room.
  • Vacuuming: Our team will remove any soil, sand, or dirt on the surface by vacuuming the carpet. It will give you the best results.
  • Spot treatment: We remove all the spots and stains that we have identified before. A cleanser is applied to any stains that require additional care to loosen the stain.
  • Carpet shampooing: We will then use the German-made Kärcher shampoo machine for thorough cleaning of the carpets. First, the device applies shampoo to the carpet to remove dirt deep inside the fibers. Second, it will extract the shampoo and remove the dirt from the carpet.
  • Suction:The machine will remove the remaining water and dirt from the carpet by the strong suction and makes it dry quickly.
  • Final Inspection:We perform the final carpet inspection to ensure the best result and customer satisfaction.

Steam cleaning in Dubai

Our carpet cleaning service company also provides steam cleaning. For individuals and families struggling with allergies or sensitivities to odors, steam cleaning may be the best way to deep clean or locate clean rugs in the home.

The water vapor produced is odorless and effectively kills bacteria, and lifts dirt that contributes to other bothersome odors. Unlike sprays and dry cleaners, steam cleaning a carpet does not inject substances that leave residue on the carpet fibers.

Steam cleaning is an effective and efficient way to remove the buildup of carpet fibers, including mold and animal odors. It is also effective in improving the appearance of rugs that have been neglected over time.

The therapeutic effects are almost always visible in high traffic areas, such as on hallway rugs where pedestrian traffic creates a time-compressed “path.” When all other attempts at cleaning fail, steam cleaning is often a “last resort” solution that will work. Steam cleaning injects moisture into the carpet fibers but contains less water than if you hand wash the carpet to sanitize and refresh it.

Why can’t homemade cleaning help?

  • The carpet stays damp, starts to rot and mold because the cleaners arriving at your house have no drying equipment.
  • Small portable equipment carried in a car cannot remove dust from the carpet. It just does not have enough power.
  • At home, it is impossible to wash the carpet on both sides and therefore altogether remove detergents. It can cause skin diseases.

Why choose us?

We use proven technology to remove dirt, stains, and allergens. This achieves the best possible results. In addition, the smell that spreads in your home is eliminated and neutralized after cleaning. We prevent further damage as it protects against wear. It is perfectly safe for children and pets.

Above all, a powerful vacuum cleaner sucks up all the water from the carpet, leaving a minimum of humidity. Therefore, it will be dried in a short time. Here are the general details of our carpet cleaning process:

  • Carpet shampoo
  • Stain and Watermark Removal
  • Carpet Sanitation
  • Carpet Deodorization
  • Prevention of Potential Contaminants
  • Carpet Encapsulation
  • Green Cleaning
  • Obtaining Carpet Care

We clean and disinfect all types of carpets such as Persian, Synthetics, Wool, and Silk. We recommend that everyone clean their carpet at least once a year. Book our affordable carpet & rugs, shampoo, and cleaning services if you think your carpet is dirty and needs cleaning. Book carpet cleaning now. Rest easy knowing you are receiving one of the best carpet cleanings Dubai has to offer.

Why are we the best carpet cleaning company in UAE?

Expertise through our operations in the UAE and overseas, we have worked with various equipment suppliers, tested multiple shampoos, and viewed thousands of different rugs. In addition to constant contributions from global experts, we have built solid internal expertise that guarantees quality.

The equipment we have invested in is the best professional equipment in the world. From dusting to drying, the process is fully automated, which excludes any human intervention.

Other consumables we use a wide range of consumables: several types of shampoo, color brightener, deodorant, etc., all carefully selected and tested to clean well while being gentle on carpets and safe for humans. All of our business processes are built around the customer. From placing your order, to the collection, to delivery, we strive to impress with our service.

Cleaning Service

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai By Eagles Trends

Swimming Pool Maintenance in Dubai can be complicated work and system consists of electromechanical components that need to be maintained. Such as pumps, filters, radiators, heat pumps, skimmers, etc. Hence, they cost you more. And let’s not forget that there are some water parameters for which industry authorities have set standards to ensure the pool is safe for swimming. If not met, your swimming pool can be dangerous to use.

Let our experts help you keep yours. We provide quality pool maintenance and cleaning services that ensure a well-maintained pH level and flawless functioning of filtration systems. We specialize in the maintenance of residential and commercial swimming pools. Contact us now to find out more.

Dubai Pool maintenance Services

Eagle Trends provides the best pool maintenance services in Dubai and promises to clean the pool. And also make it free of germs or dirt to keep it in pristine condition. Using equipment with international standards and chemicals that respect the skin and the environment. We clean your pool to prevent any possible trace of dirt and germs. Using the right chemicals and the right machines. We make sure to clean your pool so that you or your family don’t get sick while enjoying the pool.

Our Method:

Let us professionally maintain your pool and take the stress out. Our pool and fountain maintenance method is certified by government water laws. And meets their safety standards to ensure safe and hygienic swimming for you and your family. Below are some of the tasks we perform during our Swimming pool maintenance Dubai visits.

  • ​Leaves removal
  • Water level Check
  • Pump operation check
  • Waterline tiles cleaning
  • Algaecide input if required
  • Oxidizer and Stabilizer check
  • Alkalinity check and adjustment
  • Filter pressure check and adjustment
  • Chlorine or Sanitizing feeding and check
  • Backwash check and adjustment if required
  • Sanitizing level check (depending on weather)
  • Visual pool inspection for color and contaminants
  • Cleaning out the harmful wastes and debris from the pool
  • pH level check and adjusting depending on weather condition and type of pool

Pool contractor in Dubai

Eagle Trends has earned a notable reputation as an industry leader in the construction. And maintenance of swimming pools on three key factors: quality, creativity, and excellent customer service. Our swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai has used over the years of experience. That provides beautiful swimming pools, spas, and landscaping creations for many years.

We strive to make your property a paradise that family and friends will admire and enjoy for years to come skills. We guarantee that your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood. Not only will we build a beautiful swimming pool for you, but we’ll be there to help you take care of it. After the pool or spa is finished, you may need help maintaining it. Relax, we’ve got you covered.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers, new and old, with chemical supplies, weekly service, seasonal openings and closings, regular maintenance, service, and repairs. Not only do we make a quality product, but we’re here to continually maintain that quality so you can have worry-free fun for years to come. Eagle Trends is the contractor you should contact. If you look for professional swimming pool services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Pool cleaning in Dubai

Pool cleaning services are not always very easy to find in the UAE, especially the professional services that can be trusted to keep your pool in top condition. We specialize in maintaining swimming pools so that they are both clean and hygienic. We offer our customers trained, certified, and experienced pool cleaners and the most modern equipment. Whether a client needs regular pool cleaning services or a one-time intensive or deep cleaning. We can help. In addition, we offer a range of services in the form of supply. And assembly of pool covers, pool cover coils, stairs, water test kits, pool chemicals, and even automatic cleaners.

By using a professional pool cleaning Dubai service, your pool will be safe, sparkling, and clear. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg in additional chemicals or repairs to the pool itself or the filter. If your pool is cleaned and tested regularly, you won’t have any problems with Eria bacteria or algae, which are likely to thrive under a thick pool cover. Do not take any risks with your swimming pool or the safety of your family. We monitor the condition of your pool all year round.

Swimming Pool maintenance in Dubai

Modern and hectic life in Dubai means that maintaining your pool can become a daunting and time-consuming task. Just as you will take care of your luxury car by having it serviced regularly. So too does your luxury swimming pool need professional and regular maintenance with experienced people.

Why Choose Eagles Trends?

At Eagle Trends, we understand that you would love to be able to use your pool. Whenever you want without having to worry about temperature, pH levels, clarity, etc. The solution to this is to allow our technicians to take care of the maintenance of the pool. Thus, ensure that it is always in perfect condition and ready for use. The frequency of pool maintenance depends on whether it is indoor or outdoor, the size of the pool, and the frequency of use.

The key to the longevity of your pool is to have it serviced “infrequently and often,” and at Eagle Trends. We can design a tailor-made maintenance program that fits your schedule and the needs of your pool. If you wish, we can also keep an eye on your pool. If you are on vacation or plan to be away from home for an extended period.

We carry out maintenance contracts to meet any need. We discuss how much they would like to be involved in maintenance with each of our clients and then customize the contract based on those requirements. Our swimming pool cleaning services include vacuuming, backwashing, foam line removal, chemical testing, chemical supply. And monitoring from weekly cleaning to a monthly check-up of all the equipment of the technical room of the swimming pool.

In addition to our maintenance contracts, it is possible to add other services such as air conditioning maintenance, boiler maintenance, filter change, etc. We are committed to making the most of your pool. Our professional team of pool maintenance experts can provide a comprehensive service and support contract specifically tailored to your pool needs. Eagle Trends is Your ideal partner for all maintenance and service needs of your swimming pool in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning Wood Work Company in Abu Dhabi By Eagles Trends

The best Cleaning wood work company in Abu Dhabi can be pretty tedious, but you need to keep your living spaces clean and breathable. Every home has its share of wooden objects and cabinets, and like everything else, they get dirty over time. Cabinets are an essential part of the home because they help us keep things organized and hidden.

Cleaning Wood Work in Dubai

The most elaborate cabinets in our homes include kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are primarily prone to buildup, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and food stains. These stains can accumulate quickly and are sometimes able to degrade your woodwork and cabinets.

Unfortunately, some homeowners don’t notice this buildup until it’s noticeable enough, while other, more picky owners try to keep these surfaces as clean as possible. If the dirt and grime on your carpentry have already taken a deep-rooted form, which seems intimidating to clean up, you can book a one-off best woodwork Cleaning Wood Work in Dubai.

Eagles Trends offers the best cleaning service in Dubai, and our experts will provide a complete and comprehensive cleaning service for wood parts and cabinets. Cleaning the wooden rooms and cabinetry in your home is often easier said than done, as an extensive cleaning can take a lot of energy and time.

How to clean woodwork in your home

Particular attention should be paid to woodworking every three months, including baseboards, moldings, doors, and cabinets. For Homemade woodwork Cleaning Wood Work following are the tips on how to deep clean woodwork.

How to clean stained woodwork

Here’s how to remove water stains from woodwork where someone has left a hot or cold drink directly on a table.

  • Put some gel-free toothpaste in place and rub with a soft cloth until the stain is removed.
  • For stubborn water stains, mix equal parts baking soda and toothpaste.
  • Clean the paste with a damp cloth and dry it well.

Cleaning wood trim with vinegar

  • In the bowl, mix half a cup of white vinegar with a half-liter of warm water.
  • For more extensive areas, you may want to double them.
  • You can spray the vinegar mixture on a soft cloth or dip it in the bucket and wring it out well.
  • Be careful. Excess water on Cleaning Wood Work can damage the wood if it penetrates the finish.
  • With the damp cloth, wipe in and Rinse the fabric when it becomes visibly dirty, or switch to a clean cloth and continue until the entire part has been cleaned.

How to clean varnished woodwork

Cleaning varnished wood is very easy. Here are some steps are given below for how to clean varnished woodwork:

  • Wipe ( clean varnished wood ) with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust for general maintenance.
  • If there are sticky or other stains that are more difficult to remove, wipe the stain with a damp cloth and then immediately after with a dry cloth.
  • To restore shine, apply a solvent-based furniture Cleaning Wood Work polish with a soft, dry cloth.

What to clean woodwork with before painting

Best way to clean woodwork before painting is to follow some reasonable steps. Here are some steps are given below on how to clean woodwork before painting.

  • Inspect the surface of the wood
  • Clean the surface of the wood
  • Sand the surface of the wood

Sanding the surface of the Cleaning Wood Work creates tiny dents and scratches that allow the paint to adhere well to the material. Using a portable orbital sander for large, smooth surfaces or strips of sandpaper for smaller, more decorated areas, sand the entire surface of the Be sure to sand the corners and edges of your room as well.

  • Remove dust and debris
  • Check for mold, fungus, and glaze
  • Apply primer to the wooden surface (second coat if still translucent)

How to clean white painted woodwork

  • Use a cleaner designed to cut oil or grease.
  • A 50/50 mixture of regular vinegar and water cleans and does not require rinsing for a light cleaning.
  • For dirt or heavier buildup, a mixture of one teaspoon of dish soap or 1/4 cup of oil soap to one gallon of water helps cut oils.

How to clean painted woodwork

  • You can clean white painted wood with dish soap, detergent, or vinegar.
  • Use a wet cloth with the cleaner on it and rub the surface of the wood until you are satisfied.
  • Make sure not to use excess water.

How to clean wood doors and trim

Before trying to restore the polished and finished look of the wood, you will need to remove the dirt buildup. Keep in mind that areas where wood finishes are subject to heavy traffic, are likely to get dirty faster than less frequented areas of the home. With water and mild dish soap, cleaning wood work finishes and moldings to remove typical dirt and grime. Apply additional elbow grease to hardened areas, often in high traffic areas, such as wood finishes line high traffic hallways or entryways.

When to Clean Wood Furniture and Cabinets

Wood items are continuously exposed to dust and dirt, but cleaning such furniture, baseboards, and doors daily isn’t easy. Choose one day per week to clean all the cabinets effectively.

Weekly or monthly cleaning wood work will go a long way in maintaining your cabinets and keeping them clean. It also makes your cleaning routine much more comfortable. While dirt and grime can build up, it degrades woodwork and is more difficult to clean.

If this all sounds a little difficult to you, or you don’t want to deal with the extra hassle, book your next cleaning with Eagle Trends. Our experienced cleaners are well equipped to take care of any heavy-duty when you get up and relax.

How to take care of your furniture

There are general maintenance steps you can take to extend the life of your furniture. Try to keep your Cleaning Wood Work furniture out of direct sunlight or at least try to minimize exposure. Also, keep the room in excessively humid areas. This can cause cracks.

In addition, regular dusting avoids the mattifying effect of clogging. And even though I personally don’t like them, using doilies to protect the surface from wear and tear is still a smart thing to do, even if it sounds stupid.


Shower Glass Cleaning Company, Shower Glass Restoration

If you’ve tried cleaning hard water stains from your Shower Glass Cleaning Company, you know they’re almost impossible to remove. To say that it takes a little elbow grease to clean the window would be an understatement. The minerals in the water and soap scum combine to form a virtually impossible coating to clean.

Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water are the two most common minerals that form “hard water spots.” It’s a recipe for disaster for your drink. We can restore your glass now by creating a surprisingly clear resolution, removing all water stains on the glass, and etching.

Shower glass restoration

A dirty shower door and shower glass walls can make an otherwise clean bathroom look messy. Unfortunately, a Shower Glass Cleaning Company shower isn’t as easy as taking a soapy sponge or Shower Glass Cleaning Company and a rag. Water stains have no escape!

Glass cleaning service

Clear glass shower doors showcase the tile and masonry of the shower and make the small bathroom space look big, adding light and a feeling of airiness. Bathrooms can provide a slice of sanctuary and a space for you to relax in, while the same address caters to your hygiene regimen.

Who doesn’t want that level of lavish luxury while soaping up? But after spending $ 1000 to modernize your bathroom, that feeling of luxury can leave you like a liquid in the drain without proper maintenance of the shower door.

Eagle Trends is one of the Shower Glass Cleaning Company that offer a full range of cleaning services, easily protect and maintain clarity.

What is the process for window cleaning services?

Eagle Trends, a professional shower glass cleaner, uses special sprays and proprietary cleaners to clean the glass shower door. Whether it’s freestanding or framed glass, we carefully remove calcium, mold, and mildew deposits for a thorough cleaning.

Once the glass and surrounding seals are spotless, we meet with the customer to make sure they are satisfied with the hygienic state of the door. Then the glass is sealed and polished to look new, further protecting it from soap scum and mildew.

How to Clean Shower Glass Doors and Walls

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the most hated cleaning activities for many people. The mere thought of dirty toilets, sinks, floors, and tubs might make your heart beat faster. But one of the most dreaded subjects? Keep the shower doors clean! Cleaning soap scum and hard water from shower doors are one of the most frustrating chores around the house. Here’s how to do it right to keep them clean!

Removing Soap Scum

The most challenging part of cleaning glass shower doors is removing the soap scum. To make the job well done, you need a long-lasting shower cleaner.

One of the best products for removing soap scum is vinegar. Combine one part distilled vinegar and three parts water in a bowl and microwave for 60 seconds.

Put the solution in a spray bottle and apply it to the shower doors. Wait five minutes, then wipe down the shower doors with a rag. See the soap scum coming off immediately.

There are other shower door cleaners you can try, including:

  • Three tablespoons of lemon juice mixed with water
  • Two tablespoons of ammonia mixed with water
  • Combine baking soda and borax with water to create a paste

After soap scum is removed, try applying RainX. We know it sounds silly, but it works. Prevents soap and water buildup on shower doors.

Get the Right Tools

Now that you have the right shower cleaner, you might still be wondering how to clean glass shower doors. The important thing is to have the right shower tools.

As stated above, you will need a clean spray bottle to apply the cleaning solutions. You should also have a toothbrush or toothbrush handy to clean the areas around the shower door frame properly.

After rinsing off the cleaning solution, use a squeegee to remove the water from the shower doors. Removing residual water and soap scum with a squeegee prevents mold growth.

Cleaning While Showering

You may know how to properly clean shower doors, but that doesn’t make the task any less daunting.

Follow the soap suds cleansing while taking a shower. When you exit the shower, the shower doors will be hot, facilitating quick cleaning.

And at this point, you’re already wet, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet or getting dirty. Create a daily cleaning spray to keep inside the shower to minimize your labor.

You can use any of the spray mixes above. Feel free to add a few drops of essential oils to give your shower a clean, lemon-scented look. If you do this every day, you can only get by deep cleaning the shower doors once a week or a month!

Remember, cleaning your shower doors is only the first step towards a clean bathroom. Read this article to find out how to become an expert in bathroom cleaning products.

How to remove etching from glass shower door

  • Start by wetting the shower glass with the shower sprayer or spraying the walls with a bucket.
  • Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and use it to saturate the glass thoroughly.
  • Let the vinegar soak for at least 10 minutes.
  • Let it soak even longer if there is a heavy buildup.
  • Dip a scouring sponge in baking soda and scrub the glass.
  • The baking soda acts as an abrasive, while the vinegar dissolves hard water stains and soap scum.
  • you are satisfied, and the glass looks clean, rinse it with fresh water.
  • Dry the glass with a microfiber cloth and use a glass cleaner to finish cleaning the glass, trims, and towel hooks.

Products you need for shower window cleaning

  • Spray bottle Scrub sponge
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Glass cleaner Rag or tower

How to keep the shower glass clean

Hard water stains appear on the glass when water droplets dry. Measures to take:

  • Keep a squeegee in the shower to clean the glass after showering.
  • After cleaning the glass, apply a hydrophobic compound, such as Clear Choice or Rain X to keep water spots away from the glass.
  • Install a water softener.
  • This is an expensive fix, but it will solve many other problems by reducing the buildup of minerals on shower glass and inside pipes, faucets, dishwashers, showerheads. , etc.

Best Glass Cleaner in Dubai & Cleaner Company in Dubai 

Window cleaning in Dubai isn’t necessarily an easy task, and it’s a fact that most window cleaners Dubai inefficiently clean windows, leaving a lot of stains and dust visible on closer inspection. This is something you can avoid when calling Eagle Trends Cleaning Services, the best window cleaning service provider, because we make your windows so clean you forget they were there in the first place until you meet them. Even though we have best glass cleaner in Dubai all regularly clean the inside of our homes in Dubai and clean our windows from the outside. We are the best glass cleaner in Dubai to serve you seven days a week.

Best Glass Cleaner in Dubai

Most homeowners don’t clean their windows. Likewise, no one cares about window cleaning in the workplace. As a result, windows get dirty. Dirty windows reduce the penetration of sunlight. They also promote the growth of pathogens and germs, which can negatively impact your health.

Book professional window cleaning services to improve the health of your family and employees. Eagle Trends offers professional cleaning services and window cleaning in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, it is necessary to clean the interior and exterior every six months to improve interior lighting quality.

Window cleaning Dubai

Our Eagle Trends window cleaners are indeed capable of making windows shiny and transparent. We provide you with our best glass cleaner in Dubai services for homes and offices. Essentially, the window cleaners that we have in our paychecks are comfortable in whatever environment they are placed in. Our best glass cleaner in Dubai can easily switch from cleaning large windows in corporate offices to smaller, more intimate windows in your homes. However, residential cleaning is our specialty.

Our window cleaner Dubai, cleaned all kinds of windows in different residential buildings, including apartments, suburban houses, and villas. They are done with residential cleaning. The best method Our window cleaners have received the proper training to ensure that the cleaning is carried out without blemishes or cracks. Their excellent and expert hands can remove all stains from the glass without affecting the color or luster. Experience ensures that window cleaning is done perfectly.

Exterior Window Cleaning

Our cleaning company in Dubai uses the latest window cleaning technology from Europe to achieve the best cleaning results for all your glasses and frames. Hence our water pole system uses reverse osmosis to purify the water and remove any particles that could leave marks or stains on the window. Traditional window cleaning methods leave a sticky residue on the glass that attracts dust and sand. Our cleaning method will ensure that your windows get cleaner and stay that way longer.

Skyscraper window washer jobs

When it comes to cleaning with ropes, our cleaners in Dubai certainly don’t take their responsibilities lightly. Our main goal is to provide customers with the best glass cleaner in Dubai without compromising on safety. We work with leaders to ensure you get the best service and can rest easy knowing you are working with a company that is best in class, fully insured, and has a history you can trust.

Whether you have a skyscraper in Dubai or a complex building in Abu Dhabi, whether you need window cleaning services, facade cleaning, or other maintenance work, we will make sure your needs are met. by qualified operators and managed by a highly experienced and certified project manager.

Rope access cleaning offers a fast, safe, less disruptive, and economical option for scaffolding, elevators, and other alternatives. This is often the only viable solution for working at height, both indoors and outdoors.

Contact us to discuss your project. We will conduct a comprehensive risk and site assessment and work to ensure that we find practical and safe solutions to the issues you are facing. After discussing your options with you, we are confident that you will see how Eagle Trends differs from other rope access companies in the UAE.

Why Choose Us?

  • We provide the best price industrial, residential and commercial window cleaning services.
  • Moreover we use proven and environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean windows.
  • We offer fully serviced and insured exterior window cleaning services in Dubai
  • We carry specialized tools and ultra-efficient equipment to clean exterior and interior windows.
  • Even we offer competitive rates compared to others in the market.

How to clean apartment windows

Eagle Trends is a reliable exterior window cleaning company offering the best services at reasonable rates. Our window cleaning process includes:


First, we inspect the area and analyze the requirements to meet your needs. We use high-quality, non-toxic cleaners to scrub or scrub. Helps loosen the build-up of airborne contaminants, grease, grime, and grime.

Window cleaning

After scrubbing and washing, we use professional quality equipment to clean the windows. Our squeegee cleaning process removes 99.9% of dirt, germs, and water from the glass surface.

Clean the Glass

The next step in our commercial and villa window cleaning services is to clean the edges and sills. It leaves the surface shiny and clean.

Dubai window cleaning services

A clean and neat home is a sign of healthy living and provides you with comfort to perform and relax when it comes to costs and prices that no one can beat. Eagle Trends Cleaning Services specializes in the best exterior glass dust removal projects for buildings, towers, offices, stores, warehouses, schools, hospitals, foreign consulates, and many other physical locations.

We also offer a quick rope cleaning service in the UAE. Eagle Trends service team is specialized in the thorough cleaning of windows. We not only clean the glass, the windows, but we wash, sponge the windows and the edges of the frames upside down—enthusiastic staff who want to provide safe and environmentally friendly service in UAE. The detailed vacuuming, office dusting, house windows can be long to nibble or just plain horrible without the precise tools and experience.

Cleaning Service

Spider Removal Service in Abu Dhabi & Spider Killing Process

Spiders have their place in this world, but not at home. Spiders are common in homes in hot weather, although they can be found indoors at any time. Their number usually peaks in late summer and fall, during mating season. In this article, we are going to introduce the Spider Removal Service in Abu Dhabi & Spider Killing Process in completely detail.

Spider Removal Service in Abu Dhabi

Growing demand for spider control suggests a continuing increase in spider infestations. Spiders like the false widow and the non-native Brazilian wandering spider have increased, attributed mainly to increased import trade.

While spiders generally prefer the outdoors, they are often found in homes and businesses. Not all spiders are poisonous, and most are good for the environment, but no one wants excess spiders in their home.

The Eagle Trends Spider Removal service Team can show you where your home comes in, and provide extra spider control steps to keep your building spider-free. Eagle Trends Pest Control regularly deals with spider infestations, whether native or foreign. We have solved spider issues for supermarkets. Our team of specialists are ready and able to tackle your problem, whether big or small Maybe.

How to get rid of spiders in the house?

The best spider control technique to use often depends on the type of spider. Whether you are researching a spider killer or a pest control company to develop a safe and practical plan to prevent spider infestations, it is essential to consider the safety of your family and pets. For secure spider control methods, call the experts at Eagle Trends Pest Control for environmentally safe pest control. Our experienced team of pest control professionals knows how to get rid of spiders.

How to control spiders in your home? 

  • Indoors, regular cleaning of the house provides adequate spider control.
  • Vacuum the spider and its web. Prevent the accumulation of clutter that can provide hiding places.
  • Remove cobwebs from the outside of the house with a broom or high-pressure hose.
  • Inside, mash the spiders or catch them in a jar and release them outside.

Based on the initial inspection results, Eagle Trends will develop the best treatment plan for your home or business to eliminate spiders and keep them from returning. Contact us today to find out which method is best for you, how we can help you, or schedule an inspection with one of our exterminators.

How to control spiders around the house

Are you afraid of spiders. Some house spiders are harmless, but that doesn’t mean you want them to infest your property! Whether you are dealing with a dangerous spider or have noticed too many cobwebs in your home, it is always best to call the spider control experts at Eagle Trends Pest Control.

Do you need a spider killer?

There is nothing to worry about with a spider or two around the house. When you have noticed an excessive amount of spiders, it is advisable to call Eagle Trends’s spider exterminators. We can investigate your property and implement the proper spider control methods.

Spider Killing Process

our goal is to implement the best spider control methods. To control current spiders and prevent future ones.

  • Perform an inspection of the property, including the yard, attached and detached structures, driveway, and house
  • Identify the type of spider on the property
  • Remove cobwebs around and inside of the house
  • Seal minor entry points if they contribute to the spider infestation
  • Apply spider control products in activity areas
  • Place sticky traps inside to monitor activity
  • Provide a Complete report guide on spider elimination describing the parasite elimination treatment and how you can implement parasitic spider control to prevent future infestations


Spiders can be a valuable part of the ecosystem by feeding other insects, but they are generally not welcome in homes or businesses. Most of the spiders in the region have bodies built to be outdoors and do not prefer to live in or around humans. However, they often come indoors when faced with extreme temperatures outside, like the freezing winters we see. No matter what time of year the spiders arrive, it’s time to call in a spider killer.

How much does the extermination of spiders cost?

The average cost of hiring a spider exterminator ranges from $ 200 to $ 500. The average owner spends around $ 275 to employ a spider exterminator for a one-time visit to assess the situation and apply pesticides on the perimeter and internal areas affected—, including all materials and labor costs.

What kills spiders instantly

If these spiders invade our homes, we can’t let them stay there for long. They are too dangerous to ignore. If you have kids and pets, you won’t want to use hazardous pesticides. You might be wondering why not just call it the best pest management? This is a great option, but if you enjoy doing things yourself and deriving personal satisfaction from it, read on for some natural ways to get rid of spiders below.

  • You can use borax to kill the insects that spiders feed on. Borax is naturally occurring mineral that can kill insects, such as ants, beetles, and termites. Cutting off the spiders’ food source would cause them to look elsewhere for food and leave your house. Wear a mask and gloves when handling borax.
  • Suppose you have apple cider at home, great! Mix a cup of apple cider, a cup of pepper, a teaspoon of oil, and a teaspoon of liquid soap. Put it in a spray bottle and then spray on the areas where you see the spiders. Spray again after a few days.
  • Use essential oils and add them to the water. In an empty 16-ounce glass spray bottle, pour seven drops of essential oil. Then add lukewarm water to about an inch from the top. Add a few drops of dish soap, then shake well. Spray it on spiders. Also spray it on possible entry points for spiders.
  • Use essential oils of neem, lavender, peppermint, citrus, or tea tree and ammonia. Mix one part ammonia and one part water. Spray it around possible entry points for Spider Removal Service. Spray it weekly.
  • You can also use a little vinegar. Mix one part vinegar with two parts water in a spray bottle. Again, spray them on all possible entry points for the spiders, including windows and doors. Spray it weekly.
  • Use diatomaceous earth. Although it is not a spray, it works just as effectively, and you can do it yourself. Place it at entry points or where you often see spiders. Diatomaceous earth looks like small pieces of broken glass. When the spider crawls over it, it is picked up by its legs and lower body. This slowly dehydrates them and kills them.

Paints in Dubai Expert Home Painting Group Abu Dhabi Eagles Trends

Living in a desert, the colors of the walls tend to change very quickly with extreme exposure to the sun. Finding and calling companies, getting quotes, and scheduling a painting project are stressful and time-consuming. Eagle Trends have reputable Paints in Dubai to provide the best interior and exterior painting and villa painting services. There is no need to worry about the company’s qualifications as we make sure that all of our painters are licensed and qualified.

House painting company

Good painters can transform the look of your home. Good quality paint can protect the exterior of your home from the Dubai sun and dry weather. Meanwhile, inside your home, the right paint colors can keep it fresh and beautiful.

If you don’t want to fancy the prospect of painting your home yourself, the team of experienced Dubai painters at Eagle Trends is here to help. We can provide quick quotes for smaller jobs such as individual rooms and walls. If you are looking for an extensive painting, such as multiple rooms or the exterior of your home. One of our painters in Dubai will visit you to assess the work before providing you with a full quote.

Interior Home Painting

Are you looking for professional interior Paints in Dubai like Abu Dhabi? And all over the United Arab Emirates to beautify the interior of your home or business? You need a service that doesn’t skimp. At Eagle Trends, our interior painters work with an approach tailored to the budget and needs of our clients. We guarantee and provide 100% business satisfaction to our customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and all of UAE.

Our painters in Dubai use only the best, highest-quality products and the most innovative techniques to achieve results that will exceed your expectations. Whether you want to refresh the interior space, replace an exterior facade or strip a patio surface. We strive to get the job done on time with fabulous results.


Our professional painter in Dubai is committed to creativity and makes sure to give your projects a personal touch. Eagle Trends work with a client-centric approach and ensure that our services meet and exceed your expectations

  • Completion of the project on time
  • Efficient and trained team
  • Attention Go to details

Exterior Paints in Dubai

Choosing the right exterior painters for any project can be a daunting task. With Eagle Trends, you can relax knowing that our knowledgeable and reliable team is implementing your ideas.

Whatever your needs, we’ll work around the clock to get it all done to your satisfaction. Whether masonry, brick, paver, painting Dubai or something completely different, our professional painters will evaluate each type of material to ensure that the best kind of exterior paint is used for the project. Careful surface preparation provides an optimal finish and a longer service life.

Eagle Trends provide the best home painting services in Dubai. We practice expert advice in colors, bright and decorative coating, quality sketches, interior, and exterior wall painting, furniture, and wood painting, and more.

Even we also support you in repairing and maintaining decoration, such as improving discoloration, chipping, dirt, and cracks in interior and exterior walls.

We are experienced and have years of experience in the field to ensure the best quality painting services. If you have just switched to new materials, your walls need a unique texture, and then at Eagle Trends, we are ready to help you 24 * 7.

High-quality Paints in Dubai

As a leading painting company in Dubai, we use high-quality, durable paints, emulsions, and products to perform our services of paint Dubai for an enhanced experience that gives your home a new look.

Our team is very well presented with the latest trends and designs to provide you with the best designs of paints in Dubai. We do all paint jobs at affordable prices. So if your walls have gotten drab or you want to give your home a new look, we’re here to help. We are one of the best and leading agencies for providing high-quality painting services.

Expert painting company in Dubai

With extensive experience, we offer complete makeover solutions to our clients, both in interior and exterior wall painting services in Dubai with filling of holes and cracks, thematic designs, wallpapers, wall coverings, or even a touch-up/patching, painting at the end of the lease. We have years of experience. We have done quality paint jobs in Dubai to verify our clients’ statements in Testimonials.

Satisfied Paints in Dubai

We give expert talks on colors, materials, and quotes before one of our specialists commits to painting your home. Next, let’s do the paint job with a proper plan, design, and schedule. You don’t have to worry about selecting colors and designs because we take care of everything.

Team of Experienced Painters

Our painters are highly skilled and complete painting jobs on your approved schedule, providing you with a fast and enjoyable painting experience for both commercial and residential painting.

Modern Tools Paints in Dubai  

In addition, modern painting tools allow our highly professional team to undertake home painting while maintaining the right level of hygiene.

Unsurpassed Quality Painting Services

We believe in customer satisfaction which has enabled us to provide Dubai painting experiences of unsurpassed quality. Our high-quality paint jobs have earned us a reputation as the best painting and remodeling company paints in Dubai.

Best prices guaranteed

Our professional painters and decorators save money. We try to make sure that every house and villa painting service in Dubai costs less than the actual budget. We offer the best price for our painting services with the best quality of painting. Hire an experienced Eagle Trends painter in Dubai.

Customer Satisfaction

At Eagle Trends, we always connect our customers with the Team Leader and Project Manager as a single point of contact for painting houses and villas in Dubai. She is committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our painting services from start to finish.

Cleaning Service

Professional Mattress Cleaning & Steam Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Mattresses are dirty. Usually people don’t realize how dirty their mattresses are. Even when they change the sheets, Sweat causes most stains and leaving those stains leads to dirty mattresses and smells. Getting rid of any stains from your bed is to call a Professional Mattress Cleaning and Steam Cleaning service in Abu Dhabi.

Professional Mattress Cleaning & Steam Cleaning

Cleaning mattresses at home methods aren’t always powerful enough and may involve the use of dangerous chemicals. When you sleep on the mattress, do you want your body to absorb these chemicals? Cleaning services, such as Eagle Trends, use non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. These products are superior to household products and remove the most stubborn stains. Nothing interferes with a good night’s sleep more than inhaling toxic chemicals that cause breathing problems and worsen allergy symptoms.

Why hire a professional mattress cleaning service?

Cleaning is a time-consuming task. We understand it. There are a lot of other things you’d instead do than spend your time cleaning the house. A clean and tidy home is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of your family. A cluttered house with a messy bed becomes a breeding ground for germs and diseases that can damage your health. If you live alone in Dubai, chances are you’ve found that too much clutter can cause extreme stress levels in you that could irritate or frustrate you. Busy schedules in bustling Dubai don’t even allow people to do this. Homeowners often struggle to maintain their homes due to their busy schedules or busy lifestyles.

A well-maintained house is healthy for the family who live there day in and day out, and it takes a lot of time and energy to keep the place clean and tidy, with both parents working and looking after the children’s school. Children, sports and tutorials, and their housekeeping duties worry the women in the family. Especially taking care of the precious sofas, rugs and mattresses become difficult. In those conditions, we offer professional services for gentle cleaning and mattress cleaning in Dubai Marina, which last a long time to reduce the burden of cleaning and relieve the woman in the family, thus helping her to stay energetic and active and to spend more time with family and to pursue hobbies and spend time with friends.

Mattress Shampoo Cleaning Service

Many households run our mattress deep cleaning service in Dubai Marina and surrounding areas to remove dust, odors, and stains on the mattress and ensure that ‘it is free from mites and allergens. Our deep mattress cleaning service is carried out as quickly as possible so that you can get back to use them as soon as possible. At Eagle Trends, we take special care to ensure that even the memory foam on your mattress is not damaged by meticulously carrying out the mattress cleaning service by qualified cleaners—the highest quality equipment and the latest technology to keep the bed clean for up to 6 months.

How to shampoo a mattress

We offer mattress cleaning in five steps:

  • We remove dirt, dust, and all those unwanted particles collected on the surface by vacuuming.
  • Apply shampoo to the surface to loosen dirt and debris. We use a very high-quality product which is perfect for the toughest stains.
  • Remove stains and stains on the surface. The cleaners will take special care in these areas to eliminate them.
  • Next, the machine will remove dirt and other contaminants inside the mattress using a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Repeat the extraction process until the mattress is dry and returned to its previous state.

Professional mattress cleaning cost

On the national average, mattress cleaning costs between $ 50 and $ 150, but the standard is $ 100. The price covers labor and varies depending on the size of the mattress and other factors. Most carpet and upholstery cleaning companies also offer mattress deep cleaning services. Also specialized in mattress cleaning. But before hiring a professional bed cleaning, estimate the potential price with a breakdown of common cost factors and know what to expect in the cleaning process.

How to sanitize a mattress at home

While you can easily find a mattress spray on the market that kills odors and removes stains, you don’t necessarily need a specialized cleaner to do the job.

Steam cleaning

Ideal for routine maintenance and sweat stains Steam cleaning requires no chemicals, making it the perfect natural method for disinfecting mattresses. With a portable steamer (like a clothes steamer), you can get rid of those nasty mites and break up the yellow sweat stains that naturally develop on the mattress. Just be careful not to get the bed wet.

Antibacterial Spray

Ideal for routine maintenance and sweat stains, the general disinfectant spray works similarly to steam cleaning because it kills germs and other microscopic creatures and breaks up sweat stains.


Ideal for routine maintenance Makes a vodka martini for yourself and one for the bed! Strange as it may sound, vodka is a natural disinfectant and can be used to clean a wide variety of household items, including mattresses. Pour some vodka into an empty spray bottle and spray it gently all over the bed. Be careful not to get the mattress wet and then dab it with a clean, dry cloth

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Ideal for Routine Maintenance, Deodorization, and Staining Baking soda and vinegar have been used as essential cleaners for decades. To use the suit as a mattress cleaner, pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and lightly spray the mattress. Don’t worry, and the baking soda will absorb the odor. After 10 minutes, blot the surface with a dry cloth or paper towels. Then sift the baking soda over the mattress and let it sit as long as possible in a ventilated room. The baking soda will absorb the vinegar as well as any stains. Before settling in for the night, vacuum the baking soda from the mattress and dress the bed.

Enzymatic Cleaner

Ideal for Stubborn Stains For very stubborn stains, you can make a homemade enzymatic cleaner with 8 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and three tablespoons of baking soda. Apply this to the affected area and let it sit as long as possible. Then take a damp cloth and gently blot the stain. Allow it to air dry before vacuuming the entire bed and base.

Shaving Cream for Stubborn Stains

Most shaving creams contain alcohol and therefore can treat stubborn stains on mattresses and mirrors thicker than a stain remover. Spray the suds on the stain, sit for 20 minutes, remove excess suds, and blot with a damp cloth. Rinse with a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar and allow the mattress to air dry completely before dressing the bed.

Cornstarch and Baking Soda

Best for Deodorization Another handy household item that is great for cleaning a mattress is cornstarch. By absorbing odor-causing bacteria, cornstarch will eliminate that “old mattress smell.” You can even mix baking soda and cornstarch for a double cleaning effect. Sprinkle a 50/50 mixture of cornstarch and baking soda on the mattress and let sit for 30 minutes. Then vacuum the entire mattress, box spring, and under the bed before putting back the sheets.